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Sheikh Zakzaky Speaks further on Eid Ghadeer

The Leader of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky delivered the conclusion lecture on Ghadeer on Sunday the 4th of Nov. 2012, being the closing of the 3-day Ghadeer celebration at Baqiyyutullah Husainiyyah, Zaria. 

During the lecture, the leader analysed the event of Ghadeer from different perspectives while reading from the book of Ihtijaj of Tabrisi. Part of the aspects discussed include the Prophet’s declaration of Imam Ali(AS) as Khalifa after he has taught the Ummah the Hajj rites- two aspects of the deen which were delayed till the last phase of the Prophet’s mission. The Prophet was ordered to teach the Ummah the Hajj as he tauhgt them how to perfom salat, fasting, zakat. etc, the Sheikh elaborated.

He stressed the necessity of loving and following Imam AliA(S) and  11 A’immah(AS) after him as it signifiies the completion and perfection of the religion (deen) and  favour of Allah upon the Ummah. He added that the Prophet explained that he could not leave the Ummah without a guardian (khalifah) as the Authority (Hujjah) of Allah. The Prophet also warned the Ummah against disobediance to Imam Ali(AS) and his noble successors as nobody hates Ali expect cursed.

Sheikh Zakzaky narated different aspects of Ghadeer Khutbah as related the hadeeth which includes paying of allegiance by all the people present to Imam Ali(AS), while some others even congratulated him. He also expalined the difficult situations faced by the Holy Prophet after the declaration of Imam Ali as Khalfah were similar or greater than the sufferings faced by the earlier Prophets like Musa(AS).

On disobeying the order of the Holy Prophet(AS) Sheikh Zakzaky  stressed that those who disobeyed the Holy Prophet on the issue of Wilayah will face its bad consequences on the Day of Judgemet.



Pictures taken by Muhammad Isa Ahmad