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Sheikh Zakzaky Speaks at Maulid programme organised by RF

The Leader of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria Sheikh Ibraheem zakzaky delivered annual maulid lecture organised by the Resource Forum of the Islamic Movement at Arewa House Auditorium, kaduna on Saturday the 9th of Feb. 2013.

He spoke on the significance of Maulid period where he described it as a period of sober reflection in which Muslim Ummah assess it level of conformity with the teachings of the Prophet (SAWA). 

He further said the Prophet was sent at a time of dire need of guidance as the previous revealed religions were either distorted or missing citing the case of Christianity and Judaism which were manipulated.

Still describing further the pre-Islamic period, he said the Arabs society was uncivilised and were so much engaged in idol worshiping, unpopular culture of wars and fightings among themselves; at a time when only the powerful was right even when he was wrong.

At the same time there existed two superpowers- Byzantine and Persian empires which devide the world between them; though the Arabian peninsula was not influenced by any of them due to natural protection such as distance and desert. Then, the Arabs had their type of leadership with no political inclination to any of the empires. The Arabs had a system of a sort  which resembled oligarchy with no define political system.

The Sheikh said the holy prophet was raised among them having lived for forty years among them to the extent the Arabs nicknamed him the Trustworthy(Al ameen) for his excellent qualities.

The prophet changed the arabian society to the best, from where the Islamic civilisation spreaded to all parts of the world, he said.

He further cleared misconception regarding Islam in which some consider it an affair belonging to a particular people or by birth.; he said Islam is message of Allah to humanity in general and one becomes a Muslim by willingly testifying to the Shahada " There is no deity worthy of worship except Allah" and follows the teachings of the holy Prophet(SAWA). 

Describing the situation in Nigeria of hardship and sufferings, he said there is need for change, and the change must be carried out indiviudally and collectively as it does not come automatically. Efforts must be exerted to bring about entire change, he said. He maintained that the Qur’an is message of Allah which fits all era and time. he further said, as indications continue to emerge there is  hope that the Ummah will change and Islam will come back.

He lamtented on how Islam is now being equated to terrorism citing the current situation in Mali where foreign troops entered the country in the name of fighting terrorism as one of the strategy of colonising Africa for the second time for its resources in the name of fighting Islam. He said one day they will come to Nigeria for its untapped natural resources.

 The programme was attended by distingusihed personlaiteis like the Sardaunan Matasa Alhaji Muhammad Ibrahim Gasash, Pastor Yohanna Buru, Comarade Shehu Sani of Civil Right Congress, Sheikh Halliru Maraya Advisor to Kaduna state Governor on Islamic matters and a host of others.