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Sheikh Zakzaky (H), PMB and Lessons from History

By Buhari Bello Jega
The last 6 years was a trying time for Nigeria and Nigerians. Trials and tribulations, besieged this land of tremendous possibility and opportunity, because, leadership was entrusted on a man who can best be described as clueless, incompetence, confusionist and the son of fisherman former President Goodluck Jonathan. 

This period was not only the most unfortunate epoch in Nigerian history, but, for the first time in our national life we had an administration that wholesomely conspired, watched and participated in the killing of innocent and spirited Nigerians in the naming of fighting pseudo terrorist group called Boko Haram. Boko Haram has become a cancer that not only drained the blood and happiness of Nigerians, but became a weapon in the hands of criminal gangsters, merchant of death and drug traffickers within and outside the country to feast on and fatten their bank account with the blood of innocent Nigerians who were caught in the cross fire of insurgency they cannot understand nor appreciate. Nigeria not only become killing fields, but, the pseudo characters called Boko Haram became better equipped, motivated and transmuted into an international terror organization within the shortest period of time by the incompetence and compromised administration of former President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan.

While this killing and maiming of Muslims and Nigerians and the growing uncertainty and confusion among the people was taking place; the people look up to their leaders for succour and protection, but, conspiracy of silence became the object of engagement by traditional, religious and political leaders in the various human abattoirs and killing fields across the northern Nigeria. However, in these theatres of confusion, uncertainty, and conspiracy of silence came a voice of conscience, spirituality and uprightness Sheikh Ibraheem Yaquob Zakzaky (H). He not only exposes their crime against humanity, but, become victims of their inhuman, barbaric and terrorist act, by killing three of his pious children and 31 followers during the International Quds Day in the ancient city of Zaria in 2014. Arrogantly, the criminal gangs and blood thirsty beast were not done yet, as they move to their next misplaced plan of hunting the life and soul of the Leader of Islamic Movement in Nigeria Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky (H). But, unfortunately they continue to face challenges and disappointment.

The spiritual reality is that, the killing although painful to followers, family and leader of Islamic Movement in Nigeria, became the greatest albatross and game changer that changed and dislodged the conspirators and enemies of Islam, Muslims and Nigerians from power. On March 28th 2015, Allah’s punishment and judgment descended on the criminal regime, as Nigerians delivered their verdicts by rejecting the evil empire and regime at the ballot boxes across the country. It was not just a defeat of the century, but, manifestation of acceptance of prayers of His pious servant Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky (H); when he cursed them in various programmes and platforms. Ever since i had Sheikh (H) cursed and informed them about the verdict that await, them, i knew they are in for a disappointing outcome. Indeed, from various informed sources, both son of fisherman and the untutored fatiha man, lamentation, confusion and regrets have become the source of their nightmare in this forceful retirement. Indeed, the trios have failed to learn from history. History is critical in life, and those who failed to learn from history are often condemned by it. Such condemnations have befallen these gangsters who superintendent the affairs of this land of prosperous, good and spirited people.

With the event of July 26th 2015 where the gangsters still wearing the Nigerian uniform decided to attacked the convoy of His Eminence Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky (H) on his way to Abuja for the first International Quds Conference and Exhibition; shows that, the coast is still not yet clear, as far, as wishes, and mission of these criminal gangsters and their attempted red flag operation and agenda setting for President Muhammadu Buhari to fight the Islamic Movement in Nigeria. I therefore, decided in retrospect, to take a quick historical and intellectual journey into Nigerian history, regimes change, coups and counter coups visa vie the rise and fall of leaders or regimes that attempted to destroy or tame the tides and waves of Islamic revival as preached and championed by Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky (H).

Ever since the emergence of moral and spiritual conscience of Africa Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky (H) in the last 40 years, various governments and leaders have attempted to crushed and destroyed the Islamic Movement in Nigeria, but, failed to do so, because, Sheikh Zakzaky (H) is the manifestation of Allah’s promise of reviving and redirecting the country back to its original forms after long years of conspiracy, containment and destructions by European Imperialists and their local agents. Inherently, years of conspiracy, arrest, intimidations, imprisonment, maiming, destruction of properties and killing has not deterred nor dwarf the beautiful sunshine of Islamic revival, reawakening and uprightness. Unfortunately, these various regimes in the past and present, failed to neither understand nor appreciate their inability to crush the growing tides and waves of Islamic reengineering, reenergising, reawakening and revivalism during their sojourned as Head of State or Executive President is as a result of undiluted love, patience and following the path of truth by the leader of Islamic Movement in Nigeria and followers. From General Olusegun Obasanjo to General Ibrahim Badamasi Babangida regimes, replicated of stories of disappointment, confusion, hopelessness and failure to learn from each other history and failure to tame the tides and waves of Islamic revival preached and championed by Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky (H).


Interestingly, the level of governmental intolerance, arrogance and madness during the regime of uncultured, tyrannical and oppressive regime of the man with the dark goggle glass General Sani Abacha is beyond imagination. It was the overwhelming intolerance and attempts to crush the Islamic Movement in Nigeria through state engineered act of terrorism and mass killing, yet, the leadership and movement still survive. General Sani Abacha became  not only a wild beast in China shop, but, engineered mass arrests, imprisonments and killing of  members and local leaders of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria. Undeterred, Islamic Movement and its leadership moved on with patience, perseverance and steadfastness hoping on Allah’s victory and help at the end of the day. Victory and help indeed finally came with the tyrant and oppressor finally meeting his death in the hands of an Indian prostitute (as alleged). This was manifestation of Allah’s victory on his pious servant and his dedicated followers, who risked and sacrificed everything for the sake of Allah, truth and revival of Islamic religion. Interestingly, during the second coming of Chief Olusegun Obasanjo, he not only learnt from his historical mistakes, but, was gentle and careful with the Islamic Movement in Nigeria and its leadership. Unfortunately, it was Alh Umaru Musa Yar’adua, a village boy with little national experience and cosmopolitan understanding of Realpolikic that, decided to attempts what his predecessors failed to do- killing Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky (H). Unfortunately, for the village boy, he equally failed to learn from history, as he became the victim of his evil bunkum. Sickness and death met him like a whisper and he is now history, while the leader of Islamic Movement in Nigeria is waxing stronger and in complete state of good health insha Allah.    


Ironically, oppressors in the past and the present continue to repeat thesame mistake and wishful thinking of killing innocent people especially pious soul whose relationship to Allah is second to none. History, still history and failure to learn from it, as the son of a fisherman Goodluck Ebele Jonathan steps in. Former President Goodluck Jonathan who equally was a child of necessity and providences when he emergences as the President of the Federal Republic through coordinated act of magnanimity  of majority of Nigerians, but, forgot to  equally to learn from history, as he became arrogant and hopeless with powers and aroma of oppressiveness. Indeed, he had his honeymoon of wickedness, killings and hopelessness, but, the day he decided to used his military thugs and gangsters against the Islamic Movement in Nigeria and its leader, that was the beginning of his waterloo, as he was not only defeated during the 2015 General elections, but, became the first incumbent President to be humiliated in office. For years to come the son of fisherman Goodluck Ebele Jonathan and the untutored fatiha man Namadi Sambo will continue to reflect and lament on what befallen them during the 2015 General elections. But, we have a simple request for them, please go back to history and learn from history on the rise and fall of leaders and regimes that decided to stupidly attack the Islamic Movement in Nigeria and its leader.

The reality is that, in all the leaders who unfortunately superintendent the downfall and affairs of this country, the last 6 years have been the worst and damming in the 55 years of Nigerian Independence. This is because; a man who is at best supposed to be a fisherman was given the responsibility of this country, the end result is what we got indeed. He is not just uncultured, uncivilised, uninspiring, untutored, untouched, uneducated and a victims of hopelessness but, lacks family values and upbringing to lead this country in its most prosperous period of its time. Therefore, those who failed to learn from history are often condemned by its powerful lessons. For Goodluck Ebele Jonathan, Namadina Sambo and all those who acted, participated, suggested and contributed to the carnage and killing industries in the north in the name of Boko Haram, they are ultimately facing their judgment day, before they meet their eternal punishment and condemnation by the Just King and destroyers of all evil men and empires.

Therefore, based on this short historical and intellectual excursions into the rise and fall of leaders and various regimes, one has no doubt, but, to amplify the spiritual and courageous verdict above by Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky (H) during the first Annual International Quds Day conference at the Abuja Sheraton Hotels and Towers on 26th July, 2015 when he was quoted to have said “We are the destroyer of every government…. the more you attack us, the stronger we become”. This is a reality if the prevailing historical and empirical reality is anything to go by. Realistically, instead of past and present administration to tame and destroy the leadership and Islamic Movement in Nigeria, the prayers and patience of the pious and spiritual guided leadership has always prevail and will continue to prevail against oppressors and evil empire builders both within and outside the country. The verdicts and lessons of history are here for the current government of change under the tutelage of President Muhammadu Buhari.                  

Ever since President Muhammadu Buhari won the 2015 Presidential elections, so much expectations and agenda setters have all come on board, with their good, bad and ugly advises and expectation depending where the stomachs, pleasures and interests lies. Interestingly, we believe President Muhammadu Buhari having been a former Head of State in the 80’s, contested elections in three conservative times and 12 years actively engaging in opposition politics, understood the enormous challenges and conspiracies before and against him and his government, especially after defeating the past criminal minded and terrorist regime of the son of fisherman Goodluck Ebele Jonathan. And equally, we want to believe having engaged and arrested Sheikh Zakzaky (H) during his high days of military dictatorship he has reflected in his prison cell, during his private life and during his political disappointment in his last three attempts, so therefore, shall be guided from the calling, whispers and conspiracy of enemies of humanity and his government. Because, ever since his emergence, we have had and read articles and press releases by various Zionists agents such as Dr Abdulsamad of Bayero University Kano; some so called Islamic organizations, Jamatul Nasril Islam and coupled of talk shows analysts (Tafsir) and armed chaired pleasure, porridges seeker and stomach infrastructures opportunists pressing and calling on the government of change to takes highhanded decision against the leadership and members of Islamic Movement in Nigeria.

Unfortunately, we even had some lunatic even suggesting that, we and our spiritual leader are more dangerous that this criminal and state engineered terrorist called Boko Haram. One wonder, what are the basis and yardstick this armed chair and hopeless academician who is paid to teach and nurture critical thinking in our Youngstars used to arrive at this conclusion? Is empirical tool of data gathering and content analysis no longer important instrument of research in our tertiary institutions or among academicians? Indeed that is vituperation, frustration, ignorance and blood thirsty mindset of a man or groups who should know better. We want to believe that President Muhammadu Buhari understood history and the challenges ahead of him, so, he will not allow these criminals and ill conceived and frustrated men and women to set agenda for his government as he attempt to clean up the dirt and hopelessness they created in the last six years, but, failure to do that, may lead to disaster just like his predecessors.

Equally, we wish to draw your attention if truly change and seriousness is your watchwords and promises to Nigerians, then, there is urgent need to flush and overhaul the Nigerian military from criminal gangsters, agonists’ and agents of Zionism. Indeed, the army you knew before is not the army you have today. The army of today is the prostitute and criminal incubation of illegal state of Israel and Zionism. Zionists and criminal gangsters and merchant of death have taken over our security set up and they are still nursing their evil agenda of assassinating Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky (H); as we saw on the attack of his official convoy on his way to Abuja along Jere-Bwari road. This is dangerous and reflects the unrepentant and criminal mindset by some elements within the Nigerian military. While Nigerians applauded the sacking of enemies of Nigerians in the name of Service Chiefs; we still believe that overhauling and ponging and prosecution of criminal gangsters and agents of Zionism within the senior and ranks and files of the Nigerian military is the way to go in the spirit of departed soul, reconciliation, healing and security. Prosecution and justice to the families and love ones who lost their family members through deliberate and premeditated murder by the security are the only symbolic gestures to the bereaved family members. My believe is that, if President Muhamadu Buhari is serious about fighting Boko Haram, then, exposing and prosecuting these criminal gangsters and enemies of Nigerians is the most important step, to resolving the current conspiracy against Nigerians.

On a final note, we believe history is the best teacher and those who fail to learn from its lessons are often condemned by it. If President Muhammadu Buhari allows himself to be tempted by the fuzzy headed, empty and blood thirsty minds against our leader and Islamic Movement in Nigeria, then, history is indeed there to narrate his unfortunate story. As it is today, Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky (H) is the only man, who not only call for peaceful coexistence among various nationalities, but, he is equally the most trusted scholar among unequal by both Muslims and Christians alike; then, why do we allow enemies of these virtues to disturbed our peace? Our message to the fuzzy headed and bloodthirsty gangsters, who clothed themselves in traditional and religious gowns, is that, they should first of all understand and appreciate that, we are equally citizens of Nigeria and we have rights to practice our religion as guaranteed by the current laws governing the country. We equally believe just like other nationalities and citizens, everyone has his agenda and principle of engagement, for us, this is an intellectual and spiritual revolution; in pursuing our goal we are mindful and utilises the instrumentality of wisdom/intellect, proof/facts, knowledge, spirituality and complete realise on Allah (SWT).

For me, this historical perspective resonates and is critical to present government and those who are planning evil against His Eminence Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky (H) and Islamic Movement in Nigeria. Enough is enough of these shenanigans and evil whispering of the devils among men and jinn. The bus has left the bus station and insha Allah it shall never return to that location of hopelessness and confusion, because, it has become a strong fortress with impenetrable walls and gates which time and space shall tell. We pray for Allah’s protection against the evil plans of the enemies of Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky (H), Islamic Movement in Nigeria, Muslims and innocent humanity. May Allah continue to shower our revered leader good health, wisdom, knowledge, spirituality, patience, perseverance and fulfilment of his manifest destiny; and may we be the instruments and means to achieving such manifest mission illahee. In conclusion, just a final reminder those who learn from history, often avoid the mistakes and bumping traps of the enemies. But, as for those who fail to learn from history, they shall veritably be condemn by it; because we say in loud voice, that, “We are the destroyer of governments…. the more you attack us, the stronger we become”