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Sheikh Zakzaky Faces Fresh, Harsher Persecution In India

August 14, 2019
Reports reaching us indicate that the Nigerian government, in collaboration with American and Indian governments, have continued the persecution of the leader of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria, Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky in the Indian hospital.

In an audio recording of the Sheikh in India, he talked of the worst form of persecution that he had never ever experienced in all the 13 years of his incarceration by successive governments in various prisons and detention centers in Nigeria. “Even worse than Kirikiri maximum security prison”, he said.

In the audio message, the Sheikh speaking in Hausa language, detailed their situation in Medanta hospital, India. The situation is pathetic and very worrisome. There is an obvious plot to kill the Sheikh in India by Nigerian Authorities in collaboration with foreign governments.

Points briefly deducted from the audio include:

1) The hospital officials received him and he explained how they told him they parked two ambulances to deceive the crowd while taking him out through another way. They told him it was for his own safety.

2) They told him that before they arrived, there was meeting of the High Commission staff and Indian authorities and security people on what to do when he eventually arrives.

3) On getting to the Hospital he is placed under a tighter security situation worse than he has ever been in Nigeria, worse than his stay in Kirikiri maximum Security Prison. He is currently more confined than he was in Nigeria with armed guards even by the door to his hospital room. No movement of any sort is allowed. It is worse than prison settings.

4) Contrary to what was agreed before his arrival that his own personal Doctors would supervise his treatment. Now they’ve change the arrangement. So, he objected to receiving treatment from strange Doctors without the supervision of his own trusted physicians.

5) The Sheikh concluded that he is returning back to Nigeria to source for a more reliable and trusted hospital among those countries that offered help: Malaysia, Indonesia, Turkey or any other of the many offers.

Signs of problems actually emanated even before the Sheikh arrived India, when a Lebanese news site alleged in a tweet on its handle @uuniinnews in Arabic that the US embassy in India was putting enormous pressure on the Indian hospital not to accept the Sheikh.