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Sheikh Zakzaky extols virtues of Az-Zahra(SA)

By K. Isa
On Saturday the 19th of J/Thani 1435 the Leader of the Islamic Movement continued to speak on the lofty status of Sayyidah Fatimah Az-Zahra citing Qur’anic verses  and Hadeeth. 

Various reports regarding her status were explained by the Sheikh.

He further spoke on the necessity of obedience to Fatimah(AS) as Allah Almighty  has made it incumbent upon all creatures to obey and submit to her, according to a hadeeth.

Commenting more on their lofty status, the Sheikh further explained that Prophet, Fatimah, Ali, Hassan and Husain are among the aleen ( the highest beings with Allah) in accordance with translation of Aleen in one of hadeeth of the Prophet(SAWA). Allah queried Satan for refusing to prostrate before Adam when He said : “ Why You arrogantly refused to prostrate or are you among aleen  (the highest creatures?!" The meaning of the  the Highest of Creatures(alee) in the verse are the Prophet, Ali, Fatima, Hasan and Husain (salamul Lahi alaihim), as narrated in a Hadeeth.

Among her qualities are:

She was born pure ad none love her except one born through marriage.

She spoke while in womb to her mother

Whoever say sallama(send peace and blessings) to her for three consecutive days will be permitted to heaven.

Obedience to her is compulsory.

Waging war on her is equivalent to waging war on the Prophet.

She is Prophet’s heart, flesh and soul, whoever angers her angers the Prophet(SAWA).

The above are just few of her status with God. The Question is what  will be the situation of a person who angered and cheated Fatimah(as). According Qu’ran,   who ever those cheat Allah to whom will be wrath of Allah.

Prophet Zakariyyah(AS) used to intercede through Ali, Fatimah, Hasan and Husain(AS). But when ever he mentioned their names he became happy except Husain(AS). He seek explanation from God, then God revealed to him what will happen to Husain(AS). He prayed for such a child who will attain martyrdom  like Husain(AS), thus, he was given Yahaya.

More of her virtues are as follows:

God ordered Muslims to send peace and blessings to them.

God will not finish one who loves her and her children.

They are best none can reach their status weather a prophet or an angel.

She was conceived out of heavenly food.

Allah ransoms who love her from the fire.

She is batool (pure) for her purity she doesn’t see mensus or blood.

Muhaddathag, she speaks with angels.

She has hadeeth she reports from her father; recorded by her.

Her light radiates and remove traces of  darkness.

She Zakzaky concluded with closing prayers after the lecture.