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Sheikh Zakzaky Explains the sufferings and martyrdom of Az-Zahra(AS)

By K. Isa
The leader of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky spoke further on the sufferings of Sayyidah Fatimah (salamul lah alaiha) describing the situation which led to her martyrdom. 

On the incidence leading to her martyrdom, the Sheikh explained it was all for the purpose of usurping the Khilafah from Imam Ali(AS) as he narrated  that a Khalifah of the Prophet was selected by  some people at  a place called Thaqeefah at a time when the body of the prophet was not yet laid to rest. Then they sought the allegiance of Imam Ali to the Khalifah. In order to achieve their aim they sent a group under second Khalifah to Imam Ali house.

The group went to the house with fire and attacked it.  They hit the door of the gate whereupon it fell on the rib of Sayyidah Fatimah thereby breaking it. It was a plan attack as they knew who was behind the door and the man was even alerted that Sayyidah was behind the door. She never expected that they would break the door, so for protecting herself she stayed behind the door. The group hit the door opened.

She felt sick as a result. None knew about the broken ribs except Imam Ali (AS) who got to know when he was washing her body after she died of the injuries she sustained.

There are many hadeeth (tawatir) about what the group did to her of beating and causing her injuries. She died of the injuries in addition to agony of separation with her father.  She was the first to meet the Prophet after his demise.

Elaborating further on the incidence according another Report, the sheikh said Imam Ali (AS) started compiling the Qur’an with its translation and commentary immediately after funeral of the Prophet(SAWA). It was in this station they met him when they went to his house to force him to pay allegiance to the Khalifah for getting reports of how people started trooping into Imam Ali house.

The group went to him and seek for allegiance to Khalifah or else faces the consequences.  The group leader was cautioned of the presence of the daughter of the prophet is in the house, the man said even if the daughter is in the house….

 The Group leader asked for a fire and started burning the door, after burning the gate of the house and got into the house, then hit the door of the room of Sayyidah Fatimah(SA) at which the door felt on her ribs and had a miscarriage as a result.  She was also slap and beaten up.

They dragged Imam Ali to mosque. When she followed them they prevented her from reaching to the spot and even beat her the more. She started praying to God  to the extent that the earth began to shake, however, Imam Ali sent for her to stop and that she should be mercy to the people.

After the incidence, they went her house to seek for forgiveness, when they were permitted into the house; she turned away from them when she saw them. She reminded them about the hadeeth which says ‘Fatimah is part of me who ever pleases me pleases her and whoever angers her anger the Prophet’;  “ God is pleased  with whom Im  pleased with and is angry with whom im angry with ’. they all agreed with what she said,  then she declared “ im not happy with all of you”.

One of them was remorseful but the other cautioned him on why he was worried because of the words of a woman!!

These are the atrocities committed against Sayyidah Fatimah and Imam Ali(AS) after the demise of the Prophet by a people  whom the Prophet save and guided.  He saved them from degradation to civilization. Alas,  it was the people who maltreated his family after him as though he left a will for them to do so. His will was always to care of my Ahlulbayt after me.

The calamities she faced could turn days into darkness. The next incidence was the confiscation of Fadak by the Kings. Fadak is a fertile land obtained through fay’ah without war and as such it belongs to the Prophet only.  He gave it to closest person to him – Fatimah az-Zahra(AS).  She had 5000 workers in the farm and its yields were given in charity to poor and destitute. So, usurpers eyed the farm and took it away by the Khalifah claiming it to belong to the government.

She challenged them in their palace exposing their false claim. She said sulaiman (AS) inherited Dawud as opposed to their claim that prophets are not inherited. They found themselves dump pounded upon her words.  Still they insisted that it was on consensus they confiscated the farm to raise money and buy weapons for protecting the govt!!!

Whereupon,  she delivered her famous sermon of Fadakiyyah in their presence.

The issue of Fadak continued to hunt on them, then much later, the Khalifah wanted to hand over the Fadak back to Sayyidah in a letter he wrote to her, however, the second Khalifah confiscated the letter  and tore it into pieces, thus denying her right of possession. She prayed against him to die in a similar manner. That was what happened as his belly was tore with knife when he was supervising a palace he wanted to expand.

The issue of truth, no matter the efforts, cannot be covered up as one day it will be exposed.  Only the one who is holding to a fake religion fears the truth to be discussed as what they hide will sure be known.  People were fed with misinformation for years to the extent they don’t know much about Sayyidah Fatimah’s calamities by  those who wanted to cover up the truth on what happened to Sayyidah.

 When the truth becomes clear there is no way one can combine the love her and that of her enemies in his mind. One shall either love her only without her enemies or love her enemies.

The sermon of Fadak- a sermon full of wisdom was translated by Sheikh Zakzaky  during the night session after sunset prayers.