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Sheikh Zakzaky explains the Manner of Monday Attack on Ashura

By K. Isah
During the Night Session of Ashura Mourning at Husainiyyah Baqiyatullah Zaria  the leader of the Islamic Movement  in Nigeria Sheikh Zakzaky explained that plan has already been  put  in place to attack Monday Ashura procession in Zaria  as weapons and troops to carry out  the attack have been deployed to Basawa barrack, Zaria. 

Describing how the plan is to be executed the leader said, the Nigerian Security Operatives, who will  carry  out the attack, will put on shirts with pictures of Sayyid Khamenei and Sheikh Zakzaky on them just to disguise.

Part of the plan, the Sheikh explained, is that those given instruction to shoot will lay ambush in farms  and attack the procession, just the way they did during Quds day procession in which they did not only shoot from inside farms  they even shoot people in streets of Zaria.

The leader added that the July 25 Quds day attack was a planned one, because, the following day they went Husainiyyah Baqiyatullah and opened fire on some people; It was a planned attack. So, whether there is a gathering or not they will surely carry out attack as it is their plan and as such there is no going back. Procession shall hold.

He expressed with dismay over the plan attack on a procession which is being held worldwide adding that  such processions are held in all cities around the world like  Canada and London with massive turnout.

He cited that during the recent Ghadeer commemoration last month, a soldier wanted to open fire on one of the Brothers as he was going back to his destination, only to be stopped by his colleague. The soldier was heard saying, after cocking his gun, that ‘I will shoot you as I know you cannot do anything except writing and publishing’.  Such a fool, who has nothing except gun, thinks that the power of gun is greater than the power of pen; this is the mentality of a fool,  the Sheikh explained.

He lamented that In all parts of the world Ashura commemoration is held, unfortunately, here they want lunch an attack on it!!!

He further noted that they just want execute plan given to them by the Masters by calling it ‘all-out war’- the term is the type used by their masters only; and with this, they want stop all Islamic activities, especially Arbaeen symbolic trek  which casts fear in their hearts. Killings can neither stop people from carrying out their Islamic duties nor can it ‘kill’ the Movement.