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Sheikh Zakzaky delivers lecture at Memorial Lecture on Martyr Attahiru Ahmadu

This year’s annual National conference on the Islamic thought organised by the academic forum of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria themed "Commemorating the 110th year of the Martyrdom of caliph Attahiru Ahmadu" was held on Thursday 26th- Sunday 29th December, 2013 in Gombe State Nigeria.

In attendance were participants from different parts of the country and Some of the Resource persons that delivered lectures on different topics at the different sessions include Prof Dahiru Yahya, Prof A A Mashi, Shaikh Muhammad M Turi, Malama Zeenah Ibraheem, Mal Muhktar Sahabi, Mal Ahmad Bello Ankpa, Mal Abubakar Abdullahi amongst others.

The leader of the Islamic movement in Africa Sayyid Ibraheem Zakzaky (H) was the special guest at the conference.  He delivered a public lecture at Eid Ground  Gombe  on Saturday night the 28th December  2013. He also delivered  a closing lecture at Mbormi- the site of the martyrdom of Caliph Attahiru and his followers.

In his lecture Sheikh Zakzaky said Nigeria is a state not a nation with only common history of colonial domination which uprooted the then Islamic system, values and identity.  The colonialists were only after plundering of valuable resources for their selfish interest while installing those that will run the affairs of the country s based on their dictates.

During the public lecture Sayyid Zakzaky (H) explained  the differences between a State and a Nation, and  how the Colonial Master came and achieved his selfish desires and interest. The colonial master, with his nationalistic ego,  plundered our wealth leaving behind a system and structure that will continue to serve his interest. Only the Colonial masters will continue to benefit from the status quo, and the country continue to be under developed through d divide and rule tactics of the colonialists.

Sayyid Zakzaky also highlighted the key solution to the state of affairs i.e. going back to our root- al-Islam. The foundation of a viable nation or a state has its foundation and root in the supremacy and belief in Allah (SWT) not nationalism, he explained.  The division created by Colonialists among the Muslims in Niger, Cameroun, Chad will one day be a history as they will form a single nation one day.

Sheikh Zakzaky spoke on the role of the Ummah in bringing about reform. He further highlighted on how the Ummah is divided into three categories: Those with don’t care attitude in following the dictates of Allah (SWT); those that are active participants in the great struggle to revive Islam;  and those that are opposed to the struggle.  Among all, only those that will attain salvation are definitely those within the struggle.

Mal Muhammad Abbare the chief host gave a special vote of thanks and with a prayer from Sayyid Zakzaky (H) the night session came to an end.

Muhammad Isa Ahmad