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Sheikh Zakzaky Closes the AF Conference in Gusau

 The 3-day conference organised by the members of the Academic Forum of Islamic movement in Nigera came to end with a closing lecture by the Leder of Islamic movement

 in Nigeria Sheikh ibraheem Zakzaky. He delivered the speech  to the members on Sunday the 20th of may 2012 at the Hall of Secondary School T/Wada Gusau.


He spoke on the importance of sound thinking and ideology because of their importance to man.  In another part of his speech he stressed the necessity and importance of proffer understanding of one’s religion as well as his era. He said understanding these two is a prerequisite to knowing things that could be of benefit to hm.

On challenges facing the Muslim Ummah, sheikh Zakzaky expressed that some of the problems faced by the Ummah nowadays include ridiculing of its religion by the enemies.

In another part he said the Ummah should be happy for the following reasons:

1.      1. That the book of Allah is preserved without any adulteration or interpolation by any; whereas other divine books have been changed to the extent that original Torah or Bible cannot be found now.

2.      2. That the true religion of Islam still exists. No matter the change of time, adherents of true religion of Islam can be found even if their number is few.

3.    3.   Islam shall come back and lead the world.


Earlier on, Prof Dahiru Yahaya delivered his lecture on sound ideology before the arrival of Sheikh Zakzaky.