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Sheikh Zakzaky calls for supreme sacrifice to salvage society- at Sallah Feast

By Ibrahim Usman
Leader of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria, His Eminence Sheikh Ibraheem Yaqoub Zakzaky(H) says, in the face prevailing deep-rooted self-centeredness, corrupt practices and moral decadence, the society is in dire need of people who will sacrifice their lives and all that they have to salvage the society.

The Sheikh who was speaking at this year’s Sallah Feast organized by the Resource Forum of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria held at the Hussainiyyah Baqiyyatullah, Zaria said, the Eid Sacrifice as epitomized Prophet Ibraheem was symbolic for humanity to sacrifice their all for the society to be upright.

He said, Prophet Abraham passed God’s test for heeding to His command to sacrifice his son, “the son, Isma’eel was not meant to be sacrificed, it was just a test, and he passed the test”, he added.

“Instead, Imam Hussain (AS), grandson of Prophet Muhammad was sacrificed. He was the highest example of sacrifice in human history, who sacrificed himself, his whole family and all that he had to salvage this religion. Without this sacrifice Muslims could not have distinguished between kings and men of God”, he said.

Sheikh Zakzaky also cited example of the supreme sacrifice of Prophet Isa (Jesus) according to the Christian version, in which he was said to have been crucified to save the world.

“This is the kind of sacrifice this society needs now. Every society has its hero, who has undertaken an action to champion its cause that is worthy of emulation. The questions is, who will bell the cat, to save the rats from the invasion of the cat? Everyone one of us wants to live while tyranny, oppression and injustice flourish capable of devouring the whole society”.

Lamenting the self-centeredness of Nigerians, Sheikh Zakzaky observed that the insensitivity of the people towards to the plight of others placed the society in the present unfortunate situation, “there has to be salvation through sacrifice from within somehow, somewhere”, he stressed.

On peaceful co-existence between adherents of different religions, the Leader explained that Christians are the most closest to the Muslims as stated in the Holy Qur’an, and therefore warned against incorrect interpretation of the holy books to cause disharmony.

Speakers at the occasion included Pastor Yohanna Buru from Kaduna; Pastor Ayuba Duchi, representing CAN Bauchi State; Evang. Musa Misal, CAN Youth leader, Gombe State; and Pastor Gaiyus Esomati, Balanag Local Government, Gombe State. 

All the speakers expressed appreciation for the invitation from the Islamic Movements, which they described as unprecedented saying, “if Nigeria could have three personalities like Sheikh Zakzaky, Nigeria would be a peaceful place to live”.

In a welcome speech, Coordinator of the Resource Forum of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria Dr. Abdullahi Danladi said the occasion was organized on annual basis to close ranks with people from all walks of life to break the artificial barrier created between the Movement and the people.