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Sheikh Zakzaky Called for Muslim Unity on Islamic Awakening

By Ibrahim Usman

Leader of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria, His Eminence Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky says Muslim Unity on the current global Islamic awakening is necessary, “Because there is a move by the Western to hijack it for its own advantage”.

He made the statement in an interview with Presstv monitored at the on-going 6th meeting of the international conference on Islamic Awakening in Tehran, Iran.

Sheikh Zakzaky, who is a member of the Supreme Council of the World Assembly of Islamic Awakening pointed out that the need of such global unity cannot be over-emphasized, as that will prevent foreign hands from interfering and meddling into the issue. “It is very important to have Muslim unity over the issue”, he stressed.

Over fifty leading figures and influential personalities in global Islamic Movement are attending the meeting, exchanging views on the latest developments in Islamic awakening, challenges and how to remove the challenges and counter-terrorism.

It would be recalled that during the inaugural meeting of the Islamic Awakening conference in Tehran, Sheikh Zakzaky had stressed the need for the Islamic Awakening movements across the Islamic world to be well focused, with a single leader and agenda, under the leadership and tutelage of late Imam Khomeini (QS).