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Sheikh Zakzaky advises brothers and sisters during the occasion of Imam Ridha’s birth anniversary

By Abdullahi Isah Wasagu
After commenting on the side of the enemies of religion and humanity, leader of the Islamic movement in Nigeria his eminence Sheikh Ibraheem Yaqoub El-Zakzaky has redrawn the attention of members of the movement towards God fearing and working for His sake especially as it relates to contributing one’s quota towards acheiving the targated aims of the Islamic movement.

Speaking directly to faction of brothers and sisters of the movement, his eminence said, "It is important for brothers and sisters to realize that everyone is working, contributing to his ability and satisfaction. It is pertinent to note that assigning a brother ahead of others as representative (Ameer) is not the most important in this movement, entirely, Ameer or non-Ameer; we are all working together towards the targated dream of the movement.
"His eminence noted out that every one shall receive his reward according to his own contribution to the movement, and in vice versa, if one hides his punic faith to the movement and acts treacherously, shall receive his reward according to his treacherous acts".
He further said, "Everyone should realize that his contribution to the cause of the movement is similar to his reward. His eminence therefore acknowledged that there are a lot of people (brothers) who make a significant contribution who their names are not even known or heard, but Allah knows, they did it for Allah’s sake".
"Many a times when l speak, l do lay emphasis to working for the sake of Allah. The primary aim of the movement since its emergence is working for the sake of Allah in addition to the other targated aims".
Enlighting more on working for the sake of Allah, Sheikh Zakzaky finally notified that this is done intentionally for Allah’s sake. You outght not to see a peice of work with your naked eyes and utter "for God or for hypocrisy", no, hypocrisy is in the heart; it is intentional similarly non-punic faith or good deeds in the heart. Good worth and the heart are both invisible, only Allah knows", said Shzeikh Ibraheem Zakzaky (H).