Speaking in Katsina on Thursday, the respected Cleric stated that in its attempt to paint the IMN black in the eyes of the world, the government is planning a violent protest during the oncoming friendly football match between Nigeria and Egypt in Kaduna.
He said, they are planning to use some people that will pose as members of the Islamic Movement to disrupt the football match and cause chaos and likely injuries to football fans while they raise “Free Zakzaky” banners.
Sheikh Yaqoub Yahya also added that there is yet another plan by the government to present thugs before the Judicial Commission of Inquiry, JQI carrying dangerous weapons who will claim that they were members of the Movement but have repented and the weapons were given to them for an undisclosed planned attack by Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky.
He added that the thugs will then be given amnesty by the government for declaring that they have repented and dissociated from the IMN while they use that to indict the leader of the Movement who is currently in illegal detention with the government.
The respected leading member of the IMN reiterated the stance of the Islamic Movement never to be instigated into any form of violence saying the Movement will continue to seek redress through peaceful and legitimate means.
In a similar development, the IMN in a press statement issued today by its president of Media Forum, Ibrahim Musa, the Movement drew public attention, towards government propaganda and calumny with the intention of blackmailing the Movement since the unfortunate attack on it “write ups, advertorials casting the Islamic Movement and its Leader, Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky in bad light, began springing up in various national newspapers” he said.
He added, “And now recently some organizations, who were hitherto unknown to the general public started springing up, with one claiming it is fighting Iranian hegemony into Nigerian territory via the Islamic Movement; with another one early this week calling itself Nigerians United Against Extremism claiming “Shiites are mere common criminals”.”
“First they should know that it is too late for them to paint the Islamic Movement as extremists, violent and a threat to the corporate existence of Nigeria, simply because we are not anonymous. We are well known in our communities as peaceful law abiding citizens of this country of our birth.”
The Movement declared that it will not take up issues with those contracted to smear its image but called on them not to sell their conscience and dignity for small token.
The statement also reiterated, “We will like to once again re-state our commitment to following all peaceful avenues in seeing that justice is done to the Islamic Movement in the face of the unwarranted killing of its defenseless 1000+ members in the most gruesome manner.”
Meanwhile, the Nigerian government is awaiting a report to be submitted to it by the JCI set up by the Kaduna state government to look into the unfortunate incident before it takes any step on the matter.