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Sheikh Turi speaks on the Purpose of life./Pics

by Muhammad Isa
On Saturday the 29th of March 2014 (27 J/Thani 1435) Sheikh Muhammd Turi delivered lecture on the Purpose of Life on Earth as part of the programmes marking the birthday anniversary of Sheikh Abdullahi bn Fodio in Birnin Kebbi.

 In his speech the Sheikh reminded the gathering that their creation has a purpose which is to be the Khalifah of Allah on earth. He then warned the audience of its consequences should people fail to abide by the commandments of Allah.

He further explained that the Prophet is the best model for everyone; he showed the Ummah how to live a fulfilled and blissful life on earth.

The Seerah and Sunnah of the Prophet, which explained his life in bothMakka and Madina, outlined everything expected of a Khalifah of Allah adding that it will be wrong to assume that the Creator should not be the one to set instructions for the creations.

Embarking on Da’awah in calling people to the right path trodden by the prophets and devoted servants of Allah at various times like Sheikh Bn Fodio and his brother and flag bearer Sheikh Abdullahi bn Fodio is the mission of the Islamic Movement, he explained.

Society at large can be set upright if its individuals reform themselves, and this the mission of the Da’awah  lead by Sheikh Zakzaky for decades, Sheikh Turi explained. 


Pictures of the programme are shown below