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Sheikh Turi pays courtesy call to khalifa Al-Maghili Sharif Abbas.

By Muhd Isa Ahmad
Sheikh Muhammad M Turi, with some members of Islamic movement in Nigeria, paid a courtesy call to Sharif Abbas the Khalifa of Muhammad bin Abdul
Kareem Al Maghili

(one of the descendents of Rasul (SAWA)),at Sharifai quarters in Kano city, Nigeria on Thursday 1st of Rabiul Auwal 1435 (2/1/2014)

The entourage was received by Sharif Hamza, and in his introductory remarks he commended the practical example shown by the leader of the Islamic movement Sayyed Ibraheem Yaoub Zakzaky (H) and his student in upholding the love and affection for the Pure progeny and descendant of our Noble Prophet (S).
In his remarks, Sheikh Muhammad M Turi said the visit is to strengthen the call of Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky (H) in upholding to the teaching of the Qur’an and  Ahlul Bait (AS), for who so ever hold unot them will never go astray.

Sheikh Turi also mentioned during this year’s Yaumul Arbaeen Trek to attend Yaumul Arbaeen in Zaria, while taking rest in Gwarmai village, an Arabic inscription of YA HUSAIN formed by cloud in the sky was observed. A similar miracle was also observed in which labbayka ya rasulullah in Arabic was formed in the sky during the commemoration of Prophet’s demise in Kano. The pictures taken of the events  were shown to Khalifah Abbas by Sheikh Turi.

In his response Khalifa Abbas expressed happiness for the courtesy accorded by the Movement for the love of Noble Prophet and Ahlul Bait (AS), as well as the role being played by the movement in fostering  unity amongst Muslim.

Sharif Danlami and Sharif Munzali also made similar comment expressing their appreciation on the efforts of the Movement.