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Sheikh Turi enumerates lessons from battle of Badr

By Muhammad Isa Ahmad
Seventeenth day of the month of Ramadan is a special day in which Muslims express gratitude for the blessings bestowed on the Ummah with the victory of at the battle of Badar led by the Holy Prophet (SAWA.

Sheikh Muhammad Mahmoud Turi made the statement during Tafsir of the Holy Qur’an at the Kano Hussainiyyah Markaz on 17th day of Ramadan.

The Islamic scholar narrated the chronicle of the battle of Badar, and the eventual victory of the Muslims, which was as a result of their firm belief and dependence on Allah.

He also narrated the bravery and valor demonstrated by Ameerul Mu’mineen (AS) at the battle front, at the end of which over 70 of the non-believers were killed. “Most of them were killed by Ameerul Mu’mineen (AS), the rest he weakened for thers to finish”, he added. He also said, it is recorded that only 9-13 believers attained martyrdom during the battle.

 Sheikh Turi further explained that, on this particular day the Holy Prophet (SAWA) made the heavenly journey, stressing that it was a physical ascession to heaven not a dream journey, as claimed by some people.

 “On this day, A’isha, wife of the Holy Prophet, was also killed by Mu’awiyyah, 58 years after Hijra. This happened when she confronted Mu’awiyyah regarding the murder of her brother, Muhammad Bin Abubakar”.

He explained that, Mu’awiyyah arranged for a meeting with her and dug a hole with protruding poisonous spears at the bottom and had it covered with comfortable carpet. It gave way as she sat down, which resulted to her death. 






Later at night, members of the Islamic Movement in Uguwar Kurna organized a feast to celebrate the victory of Muslims at the battle of Badar.