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Sheikh Turi Calls for establishment of Abdullah bn Fodio Institute /Pics

By Muhammad Isa & K. Isa
Sheikh Muhammad Turi delivered the closing lecture of the 3-day programme to mark the birthday anniversary of Sheikh Abdullahi bn Fodio in Birnin Kebbi on Sunday the 30th of March 2014 (28/J/thani 1435).

In the speech Sheikh Turi called for the establishing of institute to serve for research into the valuable works of the great scholar Sheikh Abdullahi bn Fodio. He further called on all and sundry towards the bringing together the available books penned by Shehu Abddullahi bn Fodio for the the Ummah presently to benefit from them. The Sheikh reminded the gathering on intention of the Islamic Movement to establish a university after the name of Sheukh Uthman bn Fodio in future.

In another part of his speech, Sheikh Turi explained briefly the history of Sheikh Abdullahi who was born on 2nd of Jimada Thani 1180BH/1766;  his vast knowledge and struggle against injustice and corrupt  leaders as well as his writings which numbers about 200.

He further said that the many virtues of the great scholar can be understood if one undertakes research into his works- the works which solve many problems facing the ummah. His era was era of peace and security to the extent even a female could carry heavy load of gold and travel a great distance unharmed due to the level of peace of security which even Clapton, who visited the place 200 years ago from West, attested to.

Sheikh Turi concluded by expressing gratitude to Allah for being among the followers of Sheikh Zakzaky whom Sheikh Uthman bn Fodio gave tidings of his coming after him.