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Sheikh Speaks on Sublime Status of Az-Zahra(SA)

The Islamic Movement in  Nigeria marked the auspicious birthday anniversary of Sayyidah Fatimah az-Zahra(SA) at Husainiyyah Baqiyyatullah Zaria on Friday the 20th of J/Thani

 1433 (11/5/2012). The Leader of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria Shekh Ibraheem Zakzaky delivered his lecture on the status of Fatimah(AS).

Standing on the well decorated podium dressed in white  Sheikh Zakzaky started by congratulating the congregation consisting of men and women in thousands on birth of the Leader of all women.  He expressed that 20th J/Thani became a special day with birth of Sayyidah Fatimah(SA) and noted that the birthday of Leader of revolution Imam Khomeini(QS) is also the same with his mother Fatimah(SA).  The day has many favours, he said, as it is one of the ‘Days of Allah’- days that have favours and religious significance as contained in the teachings of our religion.

Her Birth

Sheikh Zakzaky further explained her auspicious birth right from her conception in the womb of Sayyidah khadijah. He noted that Sayyidah Fatimah was conceived from the food and fruits of paradise. The Prophet was given the food of paradise for forty days and it was from this Sayyidah Fatimah was created.

During labour period,  Sayyidah Khadijah sought the help of Quriash women, which they refused out of envy and jealousy. Then came to help her were Sarah, Maryam bnt Imram, Asiya and  Safrah bnt Shu’aib.

She was born pure, clean with glowing light which penetrated Mecca, thus the name ‘Az-zahra’. After she was born she was washed with kauthar  and wrapped in pure, clean white cloth which gave pleasant smell better than misk and ambar. She was born testifying to the messenger ship of the prophet (SA), the imamate of Imam Ali(SA).  During the birth of Sayyidah Fatimah, Hurul ain (Women of Paradise) congratulated one another. Angels descended  as they saw her radiant light filling the sky, they called her Az-Zahra too.

.. She suffered so much.

She is the best of all women while her father is best of creation. There are many reports of her lofty and sublime qualities, yet despite her reported status, most people don’t know because her position was deliberately covered or omitted by her enemies.

Her sublime position is a means of testing people to see who will love her.  The ulul Azm amongst the prophets of Allah attained to such positions because of tests of God they passed. On the day of judgment too, people of paradise will be addressed ‘Peace be upon you for that preserved in patience’. This shows that they were tested with afflictions and they showed endurance.

Her father’s suffering is the greatest, being the best of the Prophets, so the case with her too. She suffered the most to show her status. Alas, efforts were made to cover up her position and even to give the same or similar status to others, whereas they were not tested.

God Almighty knew his creatures, yet He choose the way  of testing by bringing them to the world in order to show his justice. So, by way of testing the people can attest that those given lofty status really deserved it because of tests and tribulation they passed through.

Her Position was deliberately covered

Unfortunately, in trying to create fake status for others, the enemies of Ahlulbayt belittle the prophet himself in many instances. Eg is a report which says Satan does not live together with Umar… etc.

The enemies must hide the lofty status of Sayyidah Zahra(SA) otherwise their crimes will be exposed. The crimes of those seen as ‘big’ men will be exposed.

Sayyidah Zahra(SA) suffered so much in the hands of her enemies. She died with a broken rib unknown to even her husband, it only became known to Imam Ali(AS) when he was washing her dead body for burial. However, Sheikh zakzaky noted that discussions on her suffering should better be left till during her martyrdom commemoration.

Her position as the Best of all Women cannot be contested by any be it Maryam (AS) as even contained in the  books of the Majority.

She Spoke with angels too, she has many verses in her name. Imam Sadiq(AS) says’  Our lovers are those who are happy at our happiness and sad at our sadness” So, today we are expressing our happiness with birthday of Sayyidah Fatimah(SA).


The Leader of the Islamic Movement went further to speak on  woman maltreatment that affect many societies. He lamented that bad cultures which relegate woman must be wiped out completely in the society adding that God shared responsibilities between man and woman equally according to the nature of each. Man and Woman are equal in the sight of Allah. It was Islam that removed the bad pre-Islamic culture amongst the Arabs which relegated woman to an asset in addition to various maltreatment.  Islam changed the status quo and raised the position of women. In Islam woman is given high position.

It is unfortunate that the enemies of Islam tried to show that religion relegates woman.

In our society today, some bad cultures which contradict teachings of Islam still remain. These cultures must be abandoned. Anyone who wants bring about reform must not live with bad culture in his house. He who wants bring about change must change himself. Members of the Movement should show good example. The Quran says ´"Let there among you be a group that summon to all that is beneficial commands what is proper and forbids what is improper; they are the ones who will prosper” there should an Umman within the ummah who will call people to good.

On the issue of children Sheikh Zakzaky said good and moral training must be given to children especially the girl child as she is always the target of enemies. Once a girl is destroyed it affects the ummah as she is the one who gives training to others.

During the night session. The Leader of the Islamic Movement recited Ziyara of Sayyidah Fatimah. Before reading the ziyara he summarized some of her sublime qualities:

       She is the only heir of the prophet through which his progenies came from.

       She is the mother of the 11 holy Imams.

       She is the best of all women of worlds, past, present and after.

       Her marriage was conducted in the Heaven

       She is pure

       She is part of the holy Prophet as seen during Mubahala

       She was fed with mai’dah (food of paradise).

After Ziyara a closing prayer was recited by the Sheikh.