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Sheikh Muhammad Asi the Imam of Washington DC Mosque exposes Zionist Lies

By Khalid Isa
After salutation, Sheikh Asi  started by thanking the participants for  giving their valuable times to listen to important issue of Quds. He also Condoled the gathering especially Sheikh Zakzaky on the Massacres on Quds Day 2014.

He raised some points during his well  elaborated and  inspiring lecture about background history of Quds.  He defined a city as geographical area with buildings, water systems, drainage and all other materials for a living, he however said that the issue of Jerusalem is more than physical and  geographical area but but a social, Political and psychological issue; It is about history. This  distinction is extremely important to make, he expressed. Some of the points he raised include:

1.  The Zionists use Psychology  in the control of Quds. Citing the statement of first Israeli Head of State, David Bangerion,  which the former head of state stated that it is Jewish right to posses the holy land- the land which extends  from Euphrates in Asia to the Nile River  in Africa.

 With the Occupation of jerulsalm and their  physiological war  they occupied largest part of Islamic territories; not only that, having occupied Jerusalem as the most important land,they have taken over the world system- in finances, media and world politics. They are on the top of the pyramid which controls the media. They don’t recognize the Palestinians. They are promoters of tribalism, racism and all negative feelings around the world, he explained.

However, he said, God has exposed their disregard of humanity, destruction of human lives and killings, through Cold blood Policy ;  they killed people as flies are killed. Surah Yusuf has exposed everything regarding  their policy of killings, discrimination and racism when they conspired to kill their brother Yusuf, he added.

He added that their policy of destruction is grown to the proportion that they have the most sophisticated military equipment nowadays; Deception is part of their policy as they called themselves the God-chosen people, tribe and or nation- a baseless statement they created to control.

He concluded that Imam Husain(alaaihis salam), who is an  embodiment of the counter psychology of liers and trachery, has exposed all lairs through his sacrifice.