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Sheikh Muhammad Asadi, Pakistan condoles Leader of the Islamic Movement

Several letters of condolence reached Sheikh Zakzky from different part of the world. Another letter is from  Sheikh Muhammad Asadi  Chief Imam  and Leader of World Assembly of Ahlulbayt, Kuwaitiyyah, Pakistan.

The letter says “ we present our condolence to your eminence over the martyrdom of over thirty Believers and among them were your honorable sons, who were martyred on a great day and in the blessed month of Ramadan; your children were martyred with bullets  in a treachery and bad manner  for hatrage  on International Quds Day- a day for the unity of Muslim Ummah. We are together with you in this calamity, we pray for Allah to give you and all the Muslims in Nigeria the patience.

  It should be remembered that in the city of Kuwaitiyah, Pakistan  in 2010 over 5 people were martyred in addition to over 250 injured on International Quds Day  by the Takfiri fighters.

In conclusion our greetings go to Muslims in Nigeria especially the families of the martyrs as well as the injured".

On Friday the 25th of July 2014, Soldiers opened fire on peacefull Quds Procession in Zaria killing over 33 people among the 3 sons of Sheikh Zazaky while injuring many.