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Sheikh Lazare Calls for Holding to the Path of Ahlulbayt(AS)

By Muhammad Isa.- This year’s annual Resource forum of the Islamic movement maulidin Nabiy (SAWA) was held on Saturday 26th Rabiul Auwal 1433 (18/2/2012) at Gamji Park in Kaduna Nigeria, with members of the forum and invited guests all over Nigeria in attendance,

some of whom include, Prof Shafiu of Arbaic department ABU Zaria, Sarkin Makarantan Zazzau, Wakilin sarkin cikin soron Zazzau, and Alh Aliy Mahmud Turi.

 Special guest speaker, the leader of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria was unavoidably absent and in his place Shaikh Saleh Ahmad Lazare was the speaker at the maulud.

Mal Abdul Hameed Bello opened the maulud celebration with an opening prayer, after recitation from the Holy Quran, Sameer Yusuf recited ziyaratul Nabiy (SAWA). Ittihadul Shu’arah beautified the session with poetry on the holy Prophet (SAWA) and A’immah (AS).

Dr Abdullahi Danladi, the chairman of the forum made a short introductory speech and the chairman of the occasion Mal Mukhtar Sahabi formally introduced the guest speaker Shaikh Saleh A Lazare.

In his lecture Sheikh Saleh pointed to the fact that the month of Rabiul auwal is a month that calls for rejoicing and celebration for it’s the month of the birth of the world’s Noble Prophet (SAWA). The Noble Prophet (SAWA that redirected humanity back to the right path through a practical translation of the message of Allah (T), reaching the apex of civilization. Thus, while we rejoice and celebrate it’s a time to reflect and pounder upon who is this Noble Prophet?  What is the message and examplenary life the Noble Prophet (SAWA) has shown us? And do we still uphold his teachings and guidance?

Sheikh Lazare illustrated how the Noble Prophet(SAWA) transformed Arabian society that was full of oppression, communal conflict, injustice to mention a few to a civilized ummah that was worthy of praises, characterized by justice, and gave everybody his due right and above all uphold the rights of Allah (T). Shiakh Lazare further went to illustrate how emulating the exemplary life of the Noble Prophet (SAWA) would have solved all problems facing the world today.

‘Hasn’t the Noble Prophet (SAWA) shown us the right path to follow in his absence?’ asked Shaikh Lazare.  While stressing the need to search for knowledge,  Shaikh Lazare quoted references that can easily be found in our mist, the Noble Prophet called upon us in his absence to uphold the Holy Qur’an and his Progeny (AS), will shall never lead us astray.

Sheikh Lazare thanked Allah (T) for His infinite mercy by raising Sayyed Ibraheem Zakzaky (H) the leader of Islamic movement in Nigeria who has shown the path and called Muslims to the very path the Noble Prophet(SAWA).

Sheikh Lazare closed this year’s maulud with special prayers after the short walima.