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Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky stresses importance of unity among Muslims

By Ibrahim Usman

Leader of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria, His Eminence Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky, says unity among Muslims is paramount irrespective of schools of thought and boundaries.

He made the statement on the fourth day of the annual Unity Week conference organized by the Islamic Movement in Nigeria at the Hussainiyyah Baqiyyatullah, Zaria, Tuesday.

Sheikh Zakzaky who was responding to a lecture on the Importance of Unity Among Muslims by Malam Abdullahi Dogara from Niger Republic said, Islam is a community of people from different frontiers and with different points of view, yet brothers and sisters from the same root. “The religion is one, even if the people hold different points of view and are located in different environments. The religion is one as prescribed the Allah”.

He further said, the similitude of Islam is the similitude of the body with parts, where pain on one part is felt in the other parts, “Should there be a situation whereby one part becomes insensitive to the feeling of the other, then that body has fallen short of a complete body frame. We should be seen as one body frame, so as to face the current challenges”.

 His Eminence said, such unity forum is capable of eradicating the imaginary division among Muslims, which was deliberately created.

He explained that, Islam is facing great challenge of being labeled as a terrorist religion saying, terrorism is never Islamic and should never be associated with it. “Terrorism currently being propagated is the handiwork of enemies of Islam to divide Muslims”.

 Sheikh Zakzaky also said, the Islamic Movement calls for unity among Muslims in order that Islamic becomes stronger and brotherhood among adherents close rank. “We do not call on people to abandon their view points or schools of thought, nor do we intend to dominate all other point of view. The whole aim is to promote unity among Muslims, and hold every Muslims as brothers irrespective of points of view”, he added.

 He assured that unity among Muslims is inevitable as promised by Allah. “Islam will surely be established on the face of the earth. We are therefore at liberty now to give our contribution towards this inevitable unity. We should never allow ourselves to be used by our enemies towards disunity of the Ummah”, Sheikh Zakzaky emphasized.