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Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky exposes renewed contract to kill him

By Ibrahim Usman

Having failed in their mission to assassinate Leader of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria, His Eminence Sheikh Ibraheem Yaqoub Zakzaky, those awarded the contract have finally given up, while some new determined faces were now awarded the contract.

Sheikh Zakzaky revealed the new plan being hatched shortly after the weekly Tafsir at the Hussainiyyah Baqiyyatullah, Zaria on Wednesday (December 17, 2014).
“Those awarded the contract to kill me since Ashura, the beginning of Muharram to Arba’een, have finally given up. As result of the difficulties they faced during several attempts, they finally confessed that they could not accomplish the mission. However, new contractors have now been employed. This time around, they came from Katsina. They answer the names Hamza Nuhu and AbdukHamid Habu. They gave a time frame of 14 days to accomplish their mission. Day before yesterday, they attempted to intercept our convoy and lay ambush with a Jeep and Sienna model vehicles while carrying guns”, said Sheikh Zakzaky.

To the newly recruited contractors, Sheikh Zakzaky said they should have learnt lesson from their predecessors and how they fared: “Hamza Nuhu and AbdulHamid Habu, did they tell you how they fared with the others? They brought foreigners (Whites), recruits from Yadakwari (Yadakwarawa), recruits from Darazau, Ningi and Zuru.  Some of them retracted, others did not even accept the offer in the first place. Like those practicing traditional religion that were recruited, they vehemently declined, when they realized they were to be taken to the barrack. How would you then allow yourself to be used by a soldier who has all the arms at his disposal, to kill? Let him do it by himself”.

Sheikh Zakzaky further reminded the newly recruits of the witchcraft methods employed by the past contractors, which included the use of two human left eyes, skin of a black horse, which he said, “were all provided for them and yet they could not actualize their mission and finally gave up”.

While offering a word of counsel, His Eminence said, the new people people employed were unaware of the consequences of their action and what will befall them: “If you are lucky you will also withdraw, or repent, which is better for you. Even if you are to accomplish your mission, you will never enjoy the money for job. Your predecessors were offered the contract in millions of Dollars, but they give you some few Naira. None of you will ever enjoy the money, because you will all die! Did your predecessors not tell you the calamities that befell them in the course of actualizing the contract? Whatever the case, it is left for you. Now you are fully known by names and location. It is left for you to decide, whether to withdraw or face worst consequences, by God’s grace”.