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Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky delivers public night lecture in Shinkafi

By Khalid Isa
Leader of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky delivered a public lecture at the third day of the zonal seminar in Shinkafi, which took place at Alkalawa playground on Saturday, 8th August,  2015. 
Sheikh Zakzaky began by defining Islam and who a Muslims is, and said Muslims should be thankful to Allah the Creator for making them Muslims.

He defined Islam  as the message of Allah to entire humanity through his Messenger, Muhammad(peace and blessings of Allah be uph him and his household).

He pointed out that, the message of Allah is accepted through innerward belief, confession and practical demonstration of that belief and confession.

By this definition, he further pointed out, being a Muslim should not be by birth or traditional antecedents, but rather belief and action.

Sheikh Zakzaky stated that, Allah has bestowed a great favour and blessing on whoever found himself  created human, a Muslim and follower of the last and Seal of Prophets, Muhammad (S) through whom the message will continue till the End of Time, as many Prophets have preceded him.

He said, the world and all that it is a test before mankind, and at the end one will be questioned by Allah on how he delivered the message and conducted his affairs to the minute detail.

“Every nation will be called for judgments under its Prophet and Book”, Sheikh Zakzaky stressed.

He also explained that, Muslims will be questioned on how they responded and delivered the Trust left behind by Prophet Muhammad (S).

Action of men on the Day of Judgment, he pointed out, will be justly weighed on a scale and fair judgment will be delivered and handed out to people before humanity with absolute justice and fairness.

He added that, it is day when only good deeds are steps to salvation .

Sheikh Zakzaky stated that the world is also an important place only for preparation for the eternal abode and hard work to achieve eternal bliss.

Sheikh Zakzaky said, every favour is associated responsibility, so being among the ummah of the greatest of all the Prophets means a greater responsibility.

He however lamented that, the greatest calamity that befell this Ummah is non-propagation of Allah’s message and equating Islam with other distorted beliefs as citizens of a nation with single entity, focus and future.

Citing the Nigerian example, Sheikh Zakzaky said the colonialists came and crushed the established Islamic system in the region, ridiculed and distorted its sanctities and established its creed in its place using force.

To further ridicule Islam in the present time, he added, they created faceless terrorists ‘jihadist’ groups in the name of Islam carrying out merciless atrocities in the name of Boko Haram.

He wondered how the message of Islam can be distorted to means terrorism, while the message is with the Muslims, and attributed it to the deliberate attempt fighting Islam through disunity.

He warned that, anyone who promotes sects or division amongst Muslim is working for the enemies.

Sheikh Zakzaky said, the decision to create division among Muslims was informed by the fact that Islam cannot be fought directly, hence the covert machinations.

He said, the plots and machinations will eventually fail and Islam will wax stronger, and therefore called on Muslims to unite and face the challenge.

He advised that it is wise and rewarding to be with the activists rather than being on the side of the enemies or onlooker, who will eventually be the losers.

Sheikh Zakzaky assured that Islam will regain its glory and be firmly established as it was before.