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Sheikh delivers a Public Lecture in Gusau + PICS

The Leader of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria Sheikh ibraheem Zakzaky delivered a public lecture in Gusau on Saturday night the 19th of May 2012 at Emirs palace, Gusau Zamfara state.

 The Lecture is part of the  programmes of the Academic Forum conference. Thousands of people listened to the lecture of the Leader who spoke on necessity of holding to the teachings of Islam. He explained that Islam is the message of Allah to humanity and as such cannot be confined to tribal or regional sentiments.

He reiterated that to be borne by Muslim parents or in Muslim areas is not enough; Islam is about confession of Oneness of Allah , messegnership of the Prophets and acting in accordance with their teachings.

He lamented how all religions are tagged as the same by some section. He noted that the only accepted way of worship in the sight of Allah is Islam. He noted that this type of assertion and thinking cannot help non-Muslims to understand true religion;  Muslims are enjoined to acts by the teachings of Islam and call others to it, he expressed.