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Sheikh decries Media bias against Islamic Movement

The Leader of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky decried the media bias when reporting about the Islamic Movement. He said no matter how astonishing the gatherings of the Islamic Movement are, they are not reported at all or they will be given a negative report.

He made the explanation at Husainiyyah when speaking about the the way people received the released prisoners of conscience by the people of Sokoto. The Sheikh said the people in Sokoto haven’t seen such a gathering for quite a long time and it will not be surprise if someone says he had not seen this type of gathering before. He further said it was a massive gathering which made positive impact on the thinking of people who were excited.

Narrating how the thuggery which took place during the returning back of the Prisoners of Concience back to Sokoto, the Leader explained that, at one place close to the gate of  Sultan Palace, thugs converged  carrying arms such as swords, cutlasses and other arms waiting for the arrival of the guests who escorted the released prisoners; the thugs gathered at a point close to Security personals of Policemen and soldiers.

He further explained that under the watchful eyes of men of police the thugs were seen setting up blockages along the road. The policemen who supposed to maintain law and order did not prevent them from doing so.  Upon the arrival of the people the thugs attacked them with the arms under the watchful eyes of security.

As more people who were escorting the freed prisoners arrived they repelled the thugs pushing them back in to minor street and corners. Only for the police to come in and started driving them away after realizing that the cheering people of Sokoto drove the thugs away as they tried to move into thier residences.

However,  the media  which does not  report anything about the Movement  even if the Movement celebrates in millions, and when they report, they do it negatively. The moment some people commits crimes, they quickly report that crises occurs. The BBC reported that there was a clash between Shia and Sunnah. In this case they are referring to the thugs as Sunnah.

The incidence goes to show that it was pre-planned-going by the way it happened in front of the security operatives. Some of the thugs rushed into the Palace ans started hurling stones one members which shows that the Sultan Palace is aware of it, he noted


The media report which said there was clash Sunni and Shiites is bias and wrong; It was just thugs who carried out attacks on people who were escorting the freed prisoners. 


They attacked the Muslims using sticks, swords and cutlasses thereby injuring some people especially those at the front end of the convoy, one of the injured was martyred before reaching hospital. There is nothing like clash between shia and sunnah, unless if the thugs are the sunnah.

Later in the night  the thugs attacked and killed  two more people inside minor streets and corners thus making the number of killed to (3) three people in addition to injuring scores. 

 yet the following morning the thugs attempted to attack one of the released prisoners and to burn his residence, they were however repelled. With senseless attack on innocent people it has now become incumbent for people to protect themselves against further attacks.