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Sheikh Dahiru Usman Bauchi blames Army for Zaria Massacre

By Khalid Idris Doya
The prominent Islamic cleric in Nigeria Shiekh Dahiru Usman Bauchi has apportioned blame of Zaria massacre to the Nigerian authority saying notwithstanding the offense, the Shi’as did not deserve this brutal killings.

Our correspondent is lucky to have an interview with him In this week to hear his take about the unfortunate incident which claimed hundreds

of lives of the members of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria when they were about to kickkickoffs-off a flag hoisting ceremony in order to

mark the beginning of the new Islamic month at Hussainiyya Bakiyatullah in Zaria.

The soldiers who received an order from the blood-sucking army chief Tukur Burutai opened fire on armless members of the group and later on

demolished the famous sanctuary as well as the house of their leader Sheikh Ibrahim Zakzaky.

Three more children of the leader were additionally killed on false allegations that the members denied them of right of passage. The famous scholar said "the soldiers are not fair to the pacifist members because the punishment is just too harsh because it is not compatible with their offense. The holy prophet Muhammad (saw) said "if anyone of you is offended and cannot let it go, then he should apply the appropriate punishment" said the scholar.

The Sheikh further said that "it is true that roads belong to the government and it’s not appreciate to block it for no genuine reasons because it breeds untold hardship to passers-by. It is even unbecoming to prevent soldiers from passing by.

The country relies solely on soldiers to safeguard its territorial integrity and thus refusing to allow them access to the road is a bad idea. But why couldn’t they be punished in proportion to their offense? The soldiers should have fired in the air to scare them away or sprayed tear gass to disperse them, they could even use robber bullets to restore order. But to fire live ammunitions on the armless members, this is a gross violation of human rights and we condemn it." He added.

Reiterating his plea for peace he said we are in this era of insurgency because Allah is angry with us. And the way to repent is not to shed the blood of innocent people.

Therefore seeking forgiveness is the only panacea for this current state of insecurity across the country.

dahiru bauchi blames army

dahiru bauchi blames army