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Sheikh Addresses Children who attain the Age of Taklif

By K. Isah
The leader of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky addressed children at Husainiyyah Baqiyatullah Zaria on Saturday 13/ Shaban 1435 (14th of June 2014).

 The Children attained the age of Taklif which is 9 years  for female child and 14 years for male child. Taklif means rules and acts of worships have been made obligatory upon them and that their life must be in line with commands of Sharia.

The Sheikh started his lecture by congratulating the children for being among the followers of whose obedience is a must from Allah(SA) ie. Imam of the Age(AJ). He also congratulated them for attaining the age of of Taklif- a level which makes them responsible people despite their little ages.

He added that with attaining to the age of Taklif it means all their acts, utterances and deeds will be recorded; weather good or bad. Obligatory commands are not punishment, he said, rather it is as a result of love and mercy of Allah upon humans for He knows best what benefits or harm humans.

After attaining to the level of Taklif the next compulsory thing is  knowing their leader and guide ie. Imam of the Age(AJ) which is alive, though not physically with people.  Being in occultation, the Imam ordered for the following of Jurists (mujtahedun) which is called Taqleed . Our Mujtaheed is Imam Khoemini (QS). However with his demise his successor Sayyid Khamene’I  is the  current Mujtahid, though,  one can follow a Mujtahid of his choice.

The leader reminded the children that the  activities of a Muslim  according to Sharia is classified into five:-  Wajib( compulsory acts), Haram( things that must be avoided), Makruh, Mustahab and Halal. He explained each of the term.

At the end of the lecture Sheikh Zakzaky led two units of Prayers with children for them to learn as all actions in Islam must be learnt from Scholars.

Gifts items were presented to some of the children who excelled in a quiz competiton organised for them.