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Sheik Zakzaky: The most Oppressed Person In The World -Hujjatul Islam Abdullahi Ahmad Zango

By Saminu Azare
The Renowned Islamic scholar in the fold of Islamic Movement in Nigeria,Hujjatul Islam wal Muslimina Ahmad Abdullahi Zango has condemned the Zaria massacre in the strongest terms describing it as the world worst injustice in the history of humanity.

Hujjatul Islam wal Muslimina said this during a Maulud Celebration of Imam Ali Ar-Ridda A.S organised by Resource Forum of the Islamic Movement Abuja,on Sunday 21-8-2016 at Karmajiji Markas, saying that the atrocities commited by Nigerian Army in Zaria was worst than injustice killing innocent muslims including womens,childrens,students and buried them in mass grave with out the concent of their families.

The scholar said Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky is the most oppressed person in the world they killed over 1000 of his followers,including his 3 sons,burnt his elder sister alive,after destroying his house, Islamic Center,grave of his mother and childrens,shot him and his wife Malama Zenatudden,detaine them with gun injuries and accused of being responsible of the attacked.

sheikh abdullahi zango

He added that Zaria massacre was a plan with instructions and directives from President Buhari with the mission of destroying the Peaceful Islamic movement,as the commander in Chief of the Armed Forces no military operatives could used live ammunations on civilians without the approval of the president.

He asserted that all current hardship and Economic challenges facing the Nation was as a result of shedding the innocent blood of 1000 muslims faithful becouse Almighty Allah SWT would not leave this matter to be swept under the carpet and killing innocent People is not a small crime before God.

Over four decades of the existence of Islamic Movement in Nigeria it has no record of civil disturbances,inciting immflamatory and provocative statement,possesion of fire Arms talkless of killing innocent citizens.The movement which has over 20 millions followers across Nigeria has being conducting its religious activities in compliance with the provisions of Nigerian Constitution which guarantees every
citizen Freedom of Religion and association in the multi-religious Nation.