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Shaikh Zakzaky’s Call solution to Nigeria’s Problems –Malam Turi / Pictures

By Ibrahim Usman

Malam Muhammad Mahmoud Turi has identified the call of Shaikh Ibraheem Zakzaky as the panacea to the Nigeria’s myriad problems that defied all political solutions since its inceptions as an independent country.

He made the statement as a guest speaker at the grand finale quiz competition by Wahda Forum under the Islamic Movement in Nigeria, as part of event marking the Nisf Sha’aban celebration, held at the Hussainiyyah Baqiyyatullah, Zaria. He spoke on the topic, “Shaikh Zakzaky’s Call: Panacea to Nigeria’s Problems and Views of Global Clerics and Thinkers”.

 Malam Turi pointed out that, as a result of the call of the Shaikh Zakzaky, Islam has regained its glory, corrected certain abnormalities and vices and also instilled and disseminated in the Ummah the knowledge and divine virtues of the Infallible Progeny of the Holy Prophet. “Islamic scholars in this country were now highly respected and revered now as a result of the call of Shaikh Zakzaky, more than ever before”.

He further explained that, pious scholars in the past had concealed their allegiance to the Prophet’s Infallible Progeny and being identified as Shi’a for fear of being killed, “but here we are by Allah’s favour, we can now boldly and proudly boast of being Shi’a, without any fear. This is courtesy of Shaikh Zakzaky’s call and Allah’s favour”.

He also narrated how through Shaikh Zakzaky’s courtesy they had smooth, easy and unhindered access to leader of Hizbullah, Sayyid Hassan Nasarallah when many could not afford to have the opportunity, and how for two and half hour Sayyid Nasrallah spoke volumes of virtues and distinguished efforts of Shaikh Zakzaky as a global Islamic figure worthy of emulation and commendation.

According to Malam Turi, one scholar in Iran was reported to have said, “Imam Khomeini has only two sons outside Iran; Sayyid Nasrallah and Shaikh Ibraheem Zakzaky”.

He further some historical perspectives on the life of Shaikh Zakzaky, especially knowledge, piety, foresight and what other pious scholars had said about him. “African students in Iran had once accused us of denying them this divine favour by restricting it to Nigeria. They said Shaikh Zakzaky is an African leader and the Prince of Islam in the continent!”

Sheikh Turi therefore called on members of the Islamic Movement to appreciate this favour through unreserved obedience and strict devotion for steadfastness on the path.

Malam Abubakar Abdullahi Sokoto also gave lecture on the topic, “Imam Mahdi the Much Awaited World Saviour”.