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Shaikh Zakzaky identifies perpetrators of Kano bomb attack

By Ibrahim Usman
“We know the names of the contractors and those contracted to commit the massacre, their identity is not hidden from us. Therefore we cannot be cowed by an imaginary Boko Haram tale, let them tell it to the fools and ignorant. They should know that they are dealing with those with foresight, wisdom and intelligence, and above all with the real religion”.

These were the words of Shaikh Ibraheem Zakzaky while reacting to the recent bomb attack on Arba’een symbolic trek in Kano in which 24 people died and many more injured.

He disclosed this at the end of Nahjul Balagha study session held at Hussainiyyah Baqiyyatullah, Zaria on Monday.

Shaikh Zakzaky who disputed the wide media claim on the Kano Friday attack explained that, the attack was manipulated to make the public believe that certain faceless group named Boko Haram launched the attack through a suicide bomber.

According to him, the media was used to suppress the news of the Kano attack and limit it to a so-called suicide bomber.

“There is nothing like a suicide bomber. They torture and drug unsuspecting captives and made them carriers of the explosives which they detonated amidst people”.

He further explained that after the Friday attack, the perpetrators were sighted on Monday in 2 Hilux vans burying explosives along Kano route, but it was averted.

“Now they are targeting the mass entry into Zaria at the peak of the Arba’een trek”.

He explained that, the announcement by the Department of State Service (DSS) that there were going to be attacks on places on mosques and churches by female insurgents has given them away. “How did they know about it and where it will happen? It clearly means they are accomplice to the atrocity”.

Shaikh Zakzaky further explained that the perpetrators of Kano bomb attack were the same people that seven years ago in broad daylight attacked us and killed 2 people, attacked Ashura procession and killed people in Potiskum and killed 34 people during Quds Day procession in Zaria in 2014. “In most cases, these killers carry out the offensive under the watchful eyes of security operatives, sometimes escorted by tinted glass vehicles”.

 According to him, last year bombs were buried along routes of the trek, while similar episode was planned to be repeated this time around.

He pointed out that, mass massacre of Muslims has become a vogue across the world. “Reason with this: Who is carrying out senseless killings in Yemen, Syra, Iraq, Afghanistan and Lebanon? They are the same people carrying out attacks here, and we know them. We cannot be cowed”.

 Shaikh Zakzaky said, Arba’een as a mass movement of the people based on faith is now instituted and ever increasing, and there is no way anybody can do about it.

He therefore prayed Allah to send his wrath on those contractors of the killings and those carrying out the killings saying, “May they not reap the proceeds of the contract. In Allah we depend and He will protect us”.