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Shaikh Zakzaky closes Business Forum seminar with a call for lawful earning/Pictures

By Ibrahim Usman
The Business Forum (Ahlul Duthour) arm of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria under His Eminence, Shaikh Ibraheem Zakzaky has called for lawful earning among businessmen and people under the Islamic Movement.

Addressing participants at the close of the three-day seminar held at the Husasainiyyah Baqiyyatullah, Zaria on Sunday, Shaikh Zakzaky said lawful earning is a religious duty that must be observed.

He commended good conduct being exhibited by businessmen and other entrepreneurs in the fold of the Movement through testimonies by the people, saying more effort need to be put in place in order to excel high above commendation by the society.

His Eminence enumerated obstacles hindering smooth running of business enterprises in Nigeria to include eradication of middle income earners, whom he described as a vibrant class in business activities in the economy.

“Lawful earning, as a religious obligation, should be observed in all aspects of human endeavor, not only in business transactions’, he added.

According to him, every action done with unlawful earning is null and void stressing that, “Only those actions or efforts done with lawful earning is accepted before Allah.”

He advised members of the forum to be pro-active, make business forecast to envisage future business enterprise that will benefit the society in future.

Shaikh Zakzaky also urged them to engage in joint business among trusted colleagues, to make easier processes and smooth flourishing of businesses. “Let there be continuous mutual trust among you, as testified by the society, so that the business becomes easier, rather than individual effort.”

Citing a hadith from the Holy Prophet (S), the Leader said, the most purified earners are businessmen who are trustworthy, honest and compassionate.

Commenting on the theme of the seminar, ‘Building an Upright Model Business Entrepreneur’, His Eminence urged participants to imbibe the good qualities of a businessman as stipulated by Islam so that the outcome benefits him, his family and the whole society. “It is hoped that the end of it all, it becomes his salvation on the Day of Judgment.”