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Shaikh Ibraheem Zakzaky closes Ramadan Tafsir, laments misinterpretation of Qur’an

By Ibrahim Usman
The Leader lamented on how some scholars used Tafsir sessions to express social and political views misinterpreting and misquoting Qur’anic verses to defend such views.

He suggested that such scholars set aside a special for public discussion on Nigerian politics and social issues saying, Qur’anic interpretation should strictly focus on the dictates of Allah as it is.

 “It is also disheartening the way and manner these people use Ramadan Tafsir to rebuke and condemn contrary views to their interests. They use Tafsir session to sell their personal views and ideology. This is ridiculing the Book of Allah”.

 He pointed out that knowledge of Arabic is not a license for interpreting the Book of Allah adding that, words and statements change with time and context.

 Shaikh Zakzaky also expressed concern on how these scholars misinterpret Qur’anic verses out of context due expressing deep-rooted hatred for the Ahlul Bayt (AS) and their followers, while trying to defend and protect interests of despotic kings of the past under whose directive such Qur’anic interpretations were written.

 According to him, such kings changed real interpretation of some Qur’anic verses as it did not served their interests, these distorted interpretations he said were handed down to the people to this time.

He explained that, one can be excused for interpreting the Holy Qur’an according to his understanding or how he was taught, but cautioned on interpreting the Qur’an on one’s personal views.


Shaikh Zakzaky also commented on moon sighting and how personal interest is also used some scholars in announcing the sighting of a new moon in Nigeria.


He used the occasion to reflect on last year’s Quds Day killings in Zaria, where 34 people were killed while several injured.


He recalled that on 29th of Ramadan was the day 17 martyrs were laid to rest.


Shaikh Zakzaky invoked Allah’s wrath on all internal and external perpetrators of the massacre, those complicit and the Emirate that assisted them.