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Shaheed Jihad Moghniyah, Nigerian Quds Day martyrs remembered in Mashad, Iran

A youth organization in Mashad, Iran, called Zire Saye Khurshid has organized a memorial lecture in honour Shaheed Mujaheed Jihad Emad Moghniyah, one the luminary martyrs of Hezbollah.

Hujjatul Islam Sayyid Khumaili, a close associate of Shaheed Jihad Moghniyah spoke at length on the courageous contributions to the successes recorded by Hezbollah in Lebanon, and Syrian against Takfir terrorists who being supported by some Arab nations and the illegal state of Israel.

He recalled his last conversation with Shaheed Jihad before his martyrdom: “When I visited Southern Lebanon, Shaheed visited us with some brothers in the struggle, where we talked on various issues. I asked him of the number of times he met Sayyed Khamene’I. He told me, Sayyed Khamene’I visited them seven times!”

He further narrated that, the first visit was before the death of his father, Haji Ridhwan after the 33 days victorious war, when he escorted Emad Moghniyah and Sayyed Nasrallah to Iran for a special meeting with Sayyed Khamene’i.

According to him, as they waited for Sayyed Nasrallah to finish discussion with the Leader, he was called upon into the room, where Sayyed Nasrallah told the Leader that he is the son of Haji Ridhwan, and the Leader said to him smiling: “Take good care and watch closely your father”, he repeated the statement three times.

Sayyed Khumaili pointed out that, this indicated the close relationship between the Leader and Shaheed Jihad and the entire brothers in the struggle, adding that that there are lessons to be derived from the different perspective of Shaheed Jihad’s life.

The second meeting with the Leader, he said, was on the occasion of martyrdom of his father, Shaheed Emad Moghniyah. Again, the Leader, smiling, said to him: “Did I not tell you to take good care and watch closely your father?”“He was a brave youth, who had been so much concerned over the atrocities of the illegal state of Israel on the Palestinians and how to end it, and also emancipate Al-Aqsa mosque from the clutches of Zionists”, he added.


The lecture was widely attended by parents and children of martyrs, representatives of Hezbollah, legislators, Imams of Friday mosques, student unions such as the Ib Fodiyo Forum (Al-Mustafa International University) under the stable of Islamic Movement in Nigeria led by His Eminence Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky and many others from Pakistan, Afghanistan, India, Azerbaijan, China, etc.

Coordinator of Zire Saye Khurshid, Khurakiyan, expressed gratitude to all those who attended the occasion, and invited them for a lecture of the martyrs of the Quds Day in Nigeria under the Islamic Movement in Nigeria under the guardianship of His Eminence Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky on Thursday (29/01/2015).