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Serve the people, not kill them, Sheikh Zakzaky tells government

By Ibrahim Usman

 Leader of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria, Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky says the leaders in Nigeria are only good at enforcing their will and powers on weak citizens rather than serve them.


 He made the statement at the backdrop of the selfless services being offered by the Movement’s Hurras (Guard) to the community during the grand Hurras parade to mark the Nisfu Sha’aban commemoration, held at the Zaria polo ground close to Hussainiyyah Baqiyyatullah, Sunday.

Sheikh Zakzaky enumerated some of the volunteer projects executed by the Hurras in the society which included traffic control, fire fighting, healthcare and security services, peace-keeping and many more selfless services that saved lives.

He however said, all these unpaid services offered by the Guards were unnoticed by some section of the society, because of the negative perception casted on the group.

He pointed out that, the Hurras is a group of volunteers who took it upon themselves to offer their lives for a better society through communal work that encompasses a lot of projects, even though they were better known at security control and orderly functions.

He cited the example of the sacrifice made by the Hurras during the post election violence, where they curtailed the outbreak of the violence in Gyellesu area and treated the injured free of charge.

The Leader further explained that the group, like other arms of the Islamic Movement, is a volunteer group that sponsors itself through contributions to execute projects, in contrast to the government sponsored groups.

He said, the Nigerian security operatives should have done the same rather than constant killings of innocent citizens in a shameful display of strength. “We are the heroes of the society. Power is never measured by how best you can use the gun on people, but by how best you serve them and your compassion to them”, he said.

He commended the Hurras for their untiring effort and urged them not to relent, as their reward is with God.

Commenting on the security presence in Gyellesu area on Saturday night, Sheikh Zakzaky explained that they were at his residence with the obvious intent to kill.

According to him, they assassin were American military personnel who come to Nigeria under the pretext of combating terrorism and to secure the abducted Chibok girls.

He further said, they came in six vehicles combat ready and fully masked, adding that they had planned to lay ambush and open fire on his convoy on the way home from Nisf Sha’aban commemoration on Saturday night, but the rain distorted their plan.

On hearing the shout of “Ya Mahdi!” by the Brothers, he said, they ran away in fear. “Our strength lies with God, and unto Him we entrust our lives”.

Sheikh Zakzaky further explained that, the objective of the U.S. security operatives and their allies in Nigeria was not to rescue the abducted girls but to silence the Islamic Movement which has remained the only voice contrary to their actions. “They think they can do everything and no expect everyone to keep silence. We can never be intimated into silence. This is why we became their target”.

Commander of the Hurras, Malam Hamza Yawuri had said, the day was marked with not only physical parade but also mental activities of various categories.

Prizes were also presented by Sheikh Zakzaky to winners in the categories such as Qur’an memorization, Tafsir, football, etc.

Sheikh Zakzaky received the guard of honour and inspected a march pass by the various zones that participated. Katsian zone took the first prize at this year’s march pass.