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Security Operatives Attacked Al-Mizan Office

In a follow-up siege on Al-Mizan newspaper and its staff, plain clothes security operatives on Thursday afternoon (27/12/2012) around 2pm, in white Peugeot (Boxer) without registration number, stormed the office of the newspaper in Yoruba Road, Oriapata with the sole intention of arresting Editor-in-Chief of the newspaper, Ibrahim Musa.

It would be recalled that, security operatives had in the early hours of Monday this week, arrested Editor and Reporter of the said newspaper to location yet unknown.

The security men met two people in the office and asked them whereabout of the Editor-in-Chief, but left having received no satisfactory answer. The security men later came back and ransacked the office in a wild search. They took away computers and other items yet to be ascertained.

Residents of the area expressed schock at the uncivilized attitude of the security men on peaceful citizens in broad daylight.