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Security Forces Again Open Fire On Free Zakzaky Protesters In Abuja, Kaduna

The Nigerian Police Force has yet again opened fire on peaceful Free Zakzaky protest ongoing in Abuja to demand the release of Sheikh Zakzaky, whose health condition continues to deteriorate in detention. In the same vein, protesters in Kaduna were also attacked by the Police.

This is coming barely 48 hours after they killed 2 members of the Islamic Movement in similar circumstances at the National Assembly complex. The daily protest was peaceful yesterday because the police didn’t interfere or try to stop the protest.

There are no reports of casualties yet following today’s round of fury by the police. However, there are indications that they have arrested quite a number of protesters.

Islamic Movement has been calling for the release of Sheikh Zakzaky, who was ordered to be set free by a Federal High Court, but the Buhari government has contemptuously defied that.

So many people of good will have similarly called for the release of the Cleric. Only yesterday, members of the House of Representatives called for his release. At least four different countries have written letters to the Nigerian government requesting them to resolve the lingering crisis by releasing the Sheikh. The Buhari government has maintained deaf ears thus far.

Nigerians have taken to Facebook and Twitter to react showing displeasure at the government for showing deliberate lack of respect for the rule of law. Others have been commending the members of the Islamic Movement for courageously demanding for their rights. Some others are expressing sympathies and pledging to assist in whatever way possible.

 pfree zakzaky protest in abuja on thurs 11th july 2019

 pfree zakzaky protest in abuja on thurs 11th july 2019