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Secret Testimony of Sheikh Zakzaky proof that President Buhari behind #ShiaGenocide:

By Harun Elbinawi
The leader of the murderous terrorist group #BokoHaram, Abubakar Shekau, released a video on 27th November, 2015. In the video Shekau threatened Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky and Nigerian Shia community with genocide if they do not "repent". 

Exactly two weeks after this threatening video President Buhari sent heavily-armed soldiers to Zaria where they brutally slaughtered 1000+ Shia civilians in less than 72 hours and wickedly dumped the dead bodies in mass graves at night to bury the evidences.

After the brutal and inhuman #ZariaMassacre by President Buhari, the Nigerian government, its affiliates and Wahhabi allies sponsored by Saudi Arabia launched massive campaigns of calumny and demonization against Sheikh Zakzaky, #IMN, Iran and Shia Islam. Initially they lied to Nigerians that the Shiites they brutally murdered were "armed" but when Human Rights activists challenged them to produce the "arms" they went silent on that.

The leader of the Islamic Movement of Nigeria (IMN), His Eminence Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky suffered extreme brutal savagery and barbaric inhumanity from Buhari’s soldiers terrorists. In one of my Tweets I summarized what Buhari’s terrorists did to Sheikh Zakzaky:

"-You shot him 7*
-You shot his wife 4*
-You killed his 3 children
-You killed his Nephew
-You burnt his sister alive
-You burnt down his house
-You holding him & his wife in illegal detention for 21 months
-You do not want him to speak to Press.

Key: You = Wicked Mass Murderer Buhari"

Since the inhuman Zaria genocide President Buhari did not charge Sheikh Zakzaky and his wife to court and has prevented Sheikh Zakzaky from speaking to Press. During the sittings of the kangaroo Judicial commission of Governor Elrufai, Nigerian activists insisted on the appearance of Sheikh Zakzaky but the Nigerian regime vehemently refused. President Buhari thought the Zaria genocide will be forgotten with time but to his dismay international Human Rights organizations and even Western governments continue to mention it in their Human Rights report of Nigeria.

Last month Nigerian government established a presidential panel on Army atrocities. Initially IMN announced it intention not to attend the sittings of the panel but the Nigerian government allowed the head of the legal team of Sheikh Zakzaky to meet him, second time since the start of the illegal detention. Sheikh Zakzaky then directed IMN to present Memo to the Presidential panel on Army atrocities. In it first appearance IMN insisted that since Sheikh Zakzaky is the biggest victim of army atrocities he should be allowed to testify in person. After consultation with the Nigerian government, the leader of the panel agreed to the request of IMN but that it will be in camera with no Press coverage. Today Nigerians are asking "Why secret testimony of Sheikh Zakzaky?"

President Buhari, Elrufai & APC leaders fear that Sheikh Zakzaky speak to the press. They want to cover the heinous crimes of Zaria genocide. The full disclosure of the heinous crimes of Zaria genocide to Nigerians & unearthing the mass graves will destroy APC chances in 2019 general elections. President Buhari, Elrufai and gang of mass murderers want to hold Sheikh Zakzaky and his wife in illegal detention incommunicado until after 2019 elections. President Buhari and gang knows that Sheikh Zakzaky is a honest and truthful man who will never cut "deals" with them to hide truth. Unearthing the Mando mass grave of murdered Shiites will show Nigerians how wicked and evil President Buhari, Elrufai, Buratai and gang are. Bringing out Shia children brutally murdered by Buhari, Elrufai, Buratai and gang from Mando mass grave will shock the whole world.

The leading opposition party in Nigeria, PDP, will surely capitalize on President Buhari’s executed #ShiaGenocide in Nigeria to show Nigerians the extent of the evilness of the wicked bloodthirsty tyrant. In his most recent rejoinder to President Buhari and APC government, former President GoodLuck Jonathan of the PDP wrote:

“On December 15, 2015, the Nigerian Army, under President Muhammadu Buhari’s command, killed 347 unarmed Shiite men, women, children and infants and buried them in a mass grave as revealed by the panel of inquiry instituted by the Kaduna state government.

“The excuse given by the military for this massacre was that the Shiites had blocked a road during one of their procession and this allegedly affected a trip by the chief of army staff.

"After killing his followers and destroying their place of worship, Sheikh Ibrahim ZakZaky, the spiritual leader of the Nigerian Shiite community, was illegally and unconstitutionally detained and has not been seen or heard of in public since December 15, 2015.

“So when the Buhari administration increased the pump price of petrol, Nigerians wisely reasoned that if the Buhari administration can kill 347 unarmed Shiite men, women, children and infants for blocking a road, it would be suicidal to give them an opportunity to do the same thing to them on a wider scale.”

"Under the Buhari administration, human life had become so cheap that the military and security services routinely kill innocent Nigerians be it Shiites, peaceful demonstrators or IDPs at the Rann IDP camp," said the statement from the Jonathan media office.

On a final note, a Minister in President Buhari’s government recently accused Kaduna state Governor Elrufai of responsibility in the kidnap of #ChibokGirls by #BokoHaram. Hopefully with the disclosure of the full details of the monumenal savagery and barbarism of Zaria genocide Nigerians will discover the true sponsors of murderous BokoHaram terrorism.

Harun Elbinawi