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Second International Quds Conference: Some key points by speakers

By Dauda Nalado
These are major points raised by some of the speakers during the International Quds Conference in Abuja on Sunday the 31st of July 2016.

Hon Ebenezer Oyatakin:

*Double standards, insincerity of purpose, lack of commitment, hidden agenda and treachery by  UN, spearheaded by World arrogant powers and Arab league prevent the solution of the Palestinian Problem. They must stop playing the ostrich in order to resolve the Palestinian issue.

*Israel terror gets the support of USA.

*The same powers that created the the Palestinian dilemma are the same negotiating for its solution

*Israel is the only country without defined borders. It keeps on expanding.

*The Zaria massacre is one of the World most atrocious abuse of power. There was flagrant abuse of human rights to life and rights to freedom of religion.

* Nigerian army behaves like colonial army of occupation.

* A high power investigation Panel was supposed to be formed by the Federal Government on the Zaria massacre instead of waiting for the outcome of a State Judicial Commission. Kaduna State can not enforce any rule on the Army which is a Federal outfit.

*The virtues of El Zakzaky even to relate well with non Muslims make him have millions of followers.

Dr Abdullahi Bawa Wase:

*Those entrusted with instruments of power used it negatively.

* Emphasized issue of tolerance and unity in diversity for the society to move forward

* The Islamic revolution in Iran gave Muslims dignity globally and serves as a balance of power to check some abuses of rights of the global Muslim Ummah.

*Queried how the report of the KDSG JCI indicted the GOC 1 Div. Nigerian Army on the Zaria Massacre but was silent on Commander in Chief and the Army Chief, COAS. Afterall the GOC is an employee of FGN.

Ms Ndi Kato:

*She was contemplating whether Nigeria should be call a nation or a Bussiness center.

* Islamic Movement is being mishandled due to the fact that people do not know it. There is a lot of propaganda that paint it black. In the video clip produced by the Army to brainwash Nigerians, Kato observed that there was no indication of confrontation.

* She emphasized on humanity that all people share.

Sayyida Suhaila El Zakzaky

* Sayyid Elzakzaky does not impose his belief even on his small children. He tries to explain clearly for them to understand.


Prof Chidi Odinkalu:

They said IMN ar armed. But did dey display even a single piston they collect from the IMN?

Dr Isa Waziri

*Lost five children in the Zaria Massacre. 

* Took the martyrdom of his children as a blessing not a tragedy or agony.

Malama Jimmai Karofi

* Lost Five Children in the Zaria Massacre apart from herself being a patient for 8 months.

*Ready to sacrifice her remaining four children in the course of the  struggle.

Prof Abdullahi Danladi

*This year we missed  the presence of his Eminence Sayyid El Zakzaky(H) in this gathering due to injustice of the Nigerian State. Currently being held hostage under illegal detention by DSS and in need of Proper medical care.

*Nigerian Govt can not give proper medical attention to Sheikh Zakzaky in illegal detention. President had to go abroad, UK, spend public fund, for ordinary ear infection. Yet refusing to release El Zakzaky who is at the verge of loosing his sight.

* Other countries value a single life of their citizenry and can spend all resources to safeguard it. In Nigeria Government has the audacity to shamelessly declare in the open that they have massacred more than 300 citizens and put them in mass grave.

*Expressed appreciation to all those who attended the program.