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Scores Still Missing Following Army Brutal Attacks On Mourners In Abuja

The Islamic Movement in Nigeria has declared some people missing who were in attendance at the Arbaeen mourning procession in Abuja when the Nigerian Army attacked.

The Movement said there were people still unaccounted for. They weren’t among the corpses of fifty that were killed and they have not been seen to be among the hundreds now known to have been arrested.

Consequently, the Movement has accused the Nigerian Army as being responsible for their enforced disappearance. It has also started the process of a thorough search for them.

It will be recalled that the Nigerian Army carried out a series of heinous attacks on members of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria over three days in Abuja, resulting in the death of 50 people, in one of the deadliest assaults on members of the Islamic Movement by the Nigerian authorities since December 2015 Zaria massacre.