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Sayyidah Zainab(SA) Adressed Killers/Pictures

 In the continuation of the lecture on Ashura tragedy the Leader of the Islamic Movement Shiekh Ibraheem Zakzaky spoke futher on what happened to Ahlulbayt(AS) who were taken to the Palace of Yazid .

The Leader started by narrating the incidence when the families of Imam Husain(AS) were taken on camels without saddles, for a long journey to Damascus, passing through towns and cities. People waited at the gate of Damascus for the arrival of the heads. Before their arrival the city turned dark, however, as the heads arrived the city became bright with glowing radiance of the heads to the extent that the reflection of light was seen on the gate of Damascus. Coincidently, a bird cried when the heads arrived, and according the Arabs culture the cry of such a bird signified a calamity- a sort of superstition; Yazid then , upon hearing the cry of the bird, said ‘I have settled my debt against Muhammad’ referring the the battle of Badr where his grandparents were killed.

At the palace of Yazid when the head of Imam Husain was placed before him, Sheikh Zakzaky narrated what transpired between Yazid and Imam Aliy Zainul Abidin(AS) when Yazid claimed to be better person. Imam Zainul Abdidn, who was tight with rope, asked Yazid to allow him to talk. Yazid said he should not talk nonsense. Imam said people like me does not speak nonsense.

Earlier on, Yazid in a poet said he wished his grand parents were alive to see his atrocites, they would be happy with him and even encourage him. He further said ‘he is not the son of Hindu if he did not take a revenge upn Muhammad’..He also said ‘Banu Hashim deceived themselves for their belief that one of them received revelation from heaven thereby having power of people!!!’  Yazid meant he took revenge of Badr.

However,  Badr was battle, while Karbala was genocide not a battle.  In Karbala they wanted to extinguish the light of Islam altogether just like badr. however, the wisdom behind victory against Kuffar in Badr is different from that of Karbala where the Kuffar killed the Imam and his companions.

With such utterances by Yazid  he could not be a Muslim if he was a Muslim. To counter his unguided utterances, Sayyidah Zainabul Kubrah rose up and delivered a sermon full of wisdom challenging Yazid- the person who committed all  sorts of crime like the destruction of Ka’aba and descreting of Madina itself. He died on his way to Makka with intention of descareting the kaa’aba.

 Sayyidah Zainab Al-Kubrah(SA)  exposed the crimes of the Yazid and the case waiting for him to face on the day of Judgement.  She saind God will be the Judge upon what happened to Imam Husain(AS) when the Prophet (SAWA) shall take the case before Allah. Gabreil will be the witness on that day.

She concluded by praising God and telling yazid he can never wiped the names of Ahlubayt on earth. Yazid was confused and annoyed with the sermon and even wished he had been dead than to hear the sermon.