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Sayyidah Zahra is an embodiment of courage and piety- Malama Zeenatuddeen

By Ibrahim Usman
At the birthday ceremony of Sayyidah Zahra (SA) organized by the Sisters’ Forum in Kazaure, Jigawa Sate, Malama Zeenatuddeen Ibraheem, has described Sayyidah Zahra (SA) as an embodiment of courage and piety as reflected in her struggle during her life time.

 She said, so courageous was Sayyidah Zahra (SA) that she voiced out her demands on the usurpation of her right and subsequent ill-treatment of her family and the injustice meted on them after the death of her father. According to her, Sayyidah Zahra (SA) ensured that she was heard as a testimony, despite the inherent dangers at that time, when others decided to keep quite.

“Had Sayyidah Zahra (SA) kept quite in the face of oppression against her and her family, the rulers of the time would have used it as a proof of acceptance of their rule and misdeed. They would have also narrated hadith from her, and say her numerous virtues”, she said.

Malama Zeenatuddeen pointed out that, not comfortable with the resistance by Sayyidah Zahra (SA), the rulers of the time decided to hide her numerous virtues and ahadith, thereby keeping people in the dark. She added that, despite this numerous virtues associated with Sayyidah Zahra (SA) has come to light and people, those who seek the truth are reading them now.

Highlight of the occasion was recitation of poems and songs in praise of Sayyidah Zahra (SA), daughter of the Holy Prophet (SAWA).