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Sayyid Zakzaky launches Zahra Relief Fund

Sayyid launches Zahra Relief Fund. The Leader of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria Sayyid Ibraheem Zakzaky launches the appeal Fund for Zahra Relief Foundation in Mararraba, Nasarawa state on Sunday the 20th of Nov. 2011.


He made this while addressing gathering in Mararaba, after laying Foundation of Fudiyyah Nursery/Primary School acquired by Zahra Relief Foundation for people of Mararaba Town.



Two sealed boxes were presented where leader himself made the first launching by putting money into the box while others follow suit. Zahra Relief Foundation, according to Sayyid, is named after the Leader of all women, Fatimah Az-Zahra(AS) for her role as a helper of  the weak and her role in taking in nursing her father Muhamamd bn Abdullah(SAWA) during troubles.

He added that the harvest of her(AS) farm Fadak , every year, is distributed to the needy and poor. H therefore called on all to give the little they have to the Relief Foundation. Boxes will be strategically put in many places across the country for people to contribute little in a continuous manner so that the Foundation can carry out its functions such as:-

-Helping the needy and the poor in the community

-building of schools and even hospitals in future

-Skill acquisition programmes to people in the society.

He added that donating to the foundation will be in a continuous manner in order for the foundations to carry out its primary function of relieving the suffering of people.