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Sayyid Zakzaky Delivers a Public Lecture at Birnin Kebbi Township Stadium + PICS


Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky was on Saturday 24th Safar, 1433H in Birnin Kebbi, the capital of Kebbi State in North Western Nigeria to deliver a speech at a conference organized by members of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria.

It has since become a custom for members of the Islamic Movement to organize open air preaching wherever Sheikh goes for such occasions.  At the Birnin Kebbi township stadium, where the preaching session was conducted, Sheikh Zakzaky initially dwelled on the issue of man on earth, elucidating the purpose of our creation and coming to this world and that we live in different generations, at the end of our lives we will be questioned over our deeds. He went ahead to explain that the Holy Prophet Muhammad (SAWA) had left behind for us two things that are supposed to guide us: Qur’an and the rightly guided servants of Allah that are ever with the Quran.



Elsewhere in his speech, Sheikh Zakzaky touched on the life of Sheikh Usman bn Fudio and the struggles they embarked to out lodge the oppressors of their time and established a community whose source of guidance was the Qur’an and the Sunnah of the Prophet. With the passage of time the colonialists came and occupied the land and established the current set up called Nigeria. Sheikh went on to point out how the Muslims have degenerated in to neglecting some aspects of the instructions of Islam while upholding some, a situation similar to the case of the Jews who Allah accused of believing in some parts of the book and disbelieving in some parts. The end result of which is disgrace in this world and the most severe punishment in the hereafter.

Sheikh pointed out that the solution to Nigerian and human problems lie in Islam. However those in authority are busy propagating that all religions are equal, there is no difference in religions. Such attitudes of Muslims have sent out wrong message about the religion. Sheikh asked whether Nigerian Muslims will be called upon to enter paradise and leave behind their non Muslim compatriots who have made to believe there is no difference in religion. What is expected of us as Muslims is to stand by our religion and struggle to its establishment to govern all our lives and protect the right of the minority non Muslim groups. He called upon Muslims to unite against our enemies and give excuses to our differences which are natural on trivial issues.

The gathering was attended by thousands of people despite the piecing cold of the night.