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Sayyid Speaks on the Significance of Mourning

On Friday the 27th of Muharram Sayyid Zakzaky spoke on atrocities of Ummayads and the significance of observing Ashura  mourning.


He explained that killers of Imam Husain(AS) knew his lofty status, but they event went further to so say that even if it were the prophet himself present here we will kill him if he did not submit.

The lessons in Ashura are many. One of them is that it makes us know the true religion. The killers’ wretchedness has been exposed which shows that the event of Ashura serves as a way and a scale of knowing the wretched ones and  those who will attain happiness in both worlds. Those who weep and cried for Imam Husain(AS) will attain everlasting happiness while the supporters of Killers, past and present ones,  will be wretched.

On the significance of the Mourning  Sayyid Zakzaky read sayings of holy Imams  about it. One of the Hadeeth says ‘ whoever weeps and express sorrow over the calamities of Ahlul Bayt(AS) will be with us in Paradise at our  levels’  in another saying it is reported that “whoever makes other cry  for us his heart will not ‘die’ on the Day of Judgment.”

One report says ‘the sin of a person whose eyes drop tears because of our museeba will be forgiven if it amounts to foams in ocean ’. Sayyid  Zakzaky further read that ‘the breathes of  a person who expresses sorrow over the Museeba of Ahlul Bayt is equal to glorification of God(tasbih)…’

On the issue of reciting poetry on event of Karbala Sayyid Zakzaky  cited Sayings of the A’immah(AS) about its rewards and significance. He said any one who prepares a poetry on the calamities of Ahlul Bayt(AS) and makes others cry or weep or even attempted to cry , his reward will be Paradise.

At the end of the lecture, matam was performed followed by Ziyara of Imam Husain(AS).