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Sayyid Speaks on Sheikh bn Fodio and Islamic Revival in Nigeria

The Abuja Chapter of the Resource Forum of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria organised a day lecture on the Life and Struggle of Sheikh Uthman Bn Fodio at the conference Hall of National Mosque Abuja on Saturday the 21st of Jan. 2011.

 The guest speaker was the leader of the Islamic Movement Sayed Ibraheem Zakzaky who spoke to thousands of audience on the life of the great revivalist, Sheikh Bn Fodio.

The leader apologized for his late arrival to the venue which he ascribed to the current condition of fear which is subjected to people by the government.

Speaking on Sheikh bn Fodio (RA) the leader explained that Sheikh bn fodio was born towards the end of the month of Safar at a place called Marata now in Niger Republic.

After briefly speaking on his birth sayyid zakzaky continued to explained the state of affairs during the time of Sheikn Dan Fodio. He explained the ruling system of  the Hausa kings of that time in which everything belongs to kings and how the clerics helped kings in achieving their selfish interests by supporting them using religion.

In another part of his speech Sayyid Zakzaky explained how the colonial rulers divided the old empire of Sheikh bn Fodio into smaller countries. While British Colonists used indirect rule which entails using local rulers in the areas they conolised the French colonial theory was based on the idea of assimilation which is by absorbing its colonies administratively and culturally.

He further explained the similarities between the present system of governance and the one obtained at the time of Sheikh bn Fodio. He also spoke on the lessons from the life of Sheikh Bn Fodio.

Calling people back Islamic system of governance is not a new thing as it was what Sheikh bn Fodio did and consequently established Islamic system which the colonial masters destroyed and its revival is what we want to do, sayyid noted.

At the end of the lecture a courtesy visit was paid to the National Mosque Secretary Alhaji Ibrahim Jega in his office by Sayyid Zakzaky.