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Sayyed Zakzaky’s Health Update

Information reaching us from the people who visited Sheikh Zakzaky on Thursday 9th January, 2020 indicates that his health continues to deteriorate. As we previously raised the alarm, the prison officials have continuesly refused to let his doctors access and examine him. So it is impossible to know the extent to which his health has deteriorated let alone his doctors put him on medication.

There is no doubt that these oppressors dangerously have ulterior motives against the ailing Sheikh given the statement from the state’s attorney general Aisha Dikko which she said the fate of the Sheikh lies in the hand of court not the state government. They are planning to use the court to convict and sentence him to death which is their main target, and that would give them the justification to execute him.

The implications of this looming injustice could be very dangerous and highly unpredictable that may be irreversible for Nigeria and beyond.

We are calling on the international communities from in and outside the country to pile pressures on the Nigerian government to release the Sheikh and his wife, Zeenat Ibraheem Zakzaky as ordered by a Federal High court.

Sayyed Zakzaky Office