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Sayyed Zakzaky Delivers First Maulud Lecture

 Leader of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria Sayyed Ibraheem Zakzaky (H) was the special guest speaker at an annual Maulud celebration organized by the Yoruba community at the Zaria city market area on the evening of Tuesday 1st Rabiul auwal 1433 (24/1/2012).



Malam Abubakar Abdullahi opened the event with an opening prayer and reading from the holy Quran from Sister Safiyatu Buhari. Ammar Dantinka of Ittihadul Shu’arah beautified the occasion with poems and songs in praise of the Noble Prophet (SAWA).

 Sayyed Zakzaky (H) started by extending his warm fecilitation to the ummah for yet seeing another month of Rabiul Auwal, in which the world today is showing greater affection towards the Noble Prophet Muhammad (SAWA). According to him, Muslims in various countries are increasingly organizing additional conferences, lectures, symposiums etc spanning a time period of three months from the month of Safar to the month of Rabiul Thani, and notably the “Unity Week” (12th-17th  Rabiul Auwal) to ponders and reflect on the life of Prophet Muhammad (SAWA) as a role model to humanity


He reiterated the responsibility of every Muslim in showing unquantified love and affection for the Noble Prophet (SAWA) and pure Progeny, Ahlul Bait (AS), illustrating various established examples and rationale behind these responsibilities that have been practiced, and yet achieveable now.


The Leader further stated that, one way to express this responsibility is through organizing Maulud celebrations by individuals and  communities. He said, eventhough some might say Maulud celebration is prohibited or is an innovation (Bid’ah), lectures on the life of the Noble Prophet (SAWA) is a recommended act that every Muslim should encourage.

Sayyed Zakzaky (H) however reiterated that we should be mindful that the love and affection to Rasoul (SAWA) did not start and end in voicing out the love for the Rasoul and celebrations, rather it is by viewing  the Noble Prophet (SAWA) as a role model and taking practical steps in exemplifying his ways and mode of lifestyle.


Muhammad Isa Ahmad