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Bin Salman: We break Iran’s power in Africa
An announcement on the announcement of Saudi Arabia’s president Mohammed bin Salman has continued to say that his country has succeeded in defeating the Iranian nation and its neighbors in Africa.

In an interview with the US Times newspaper with Saudi Arabia’s prime minister, Mohammed bin Salman said his country had taken control of the continent in order to reduce Iran’s influence on the continent, so far as to defeat the power of the country. Iran in Africa with around 95 percent.

Muhammad Bin Salman said his country was the cause of the abduction of Ibrahim al-Zakzaky’s power in Nigeria

Dr Zayeed Al-Amri, a member of the Saudi Arabia National Strategic Planning and Development Agency, briefly commented on the policy of the governor, saying that "what the prince meant here is since he announced his plans to attack the enemy. Saudi Arabia has successfully assassinated Iran in Yemen, Somalia, Djibouti and Sudan as it has shattered its attempt to establish the Hezbollah regime in Nigeria and prevent Ibrahim Zakzaky as a coup in the country.

Even so, some people think the Saudi Arabia is making a rash and insisting on its claim to break the power of the Iranian nation in Africa as soon as Bin Salman is being attacked by the terrorists. Africa’s investment in Africa has also declared a war on the spread of Islamic ideology, but Iran’s only efforts to intensify its efforts to consolidate African-American relations and to provide science and technology courses for African students now Iran’s Foreign Minister Javad Zareef arrived in Senegal on a trip to Africa.

Iran’s foreign minister visits Africa is trying to partner with other African countries

That’s why Dr. Amani al-Taweel from the Al-Ahram Research Center in Egypt has expressed his concern for the two conflicts of violence in Africa in the region. said "in fact Saudi Arabia is nothing more inconvenient than spreading the ideology of the Holocaust in Africa than in securing trade and diplomatic relations to you".

It is interesting to note that as long as African countries do not share religious or political or diplomatic issues in Saudi Arabia and Iran, there is no doubt that the riot of the so-called religious leaders of the continent can lead to Africa. can be a source of ethnic conflicts and the challenges of poverty and disease. 


Report by Mahmud Yaya Azare