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Revolution is change of attitude, not take over of government – Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky

By Ibrahim Usman
While commenting on the planned attack on Arba’een symbolic trek in Nigeria during the 19th day Muharram Majlis at the Hussainiyyah Baqiyyatullah in Zaria, His Eminence Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky (H), cleared misconception regarding the concept of ‘revolution’ to mean change of attitude by the people. He also gave update on the Ashura attack in Potiskum.

Sheikh Zakzaky said, as part of the campaign to attack the forthcoming Arba’een symbolic trek, rumour is being propagated by the Nigerian security operatives that the Islamic Movement is planning a revolution by conducting the Arba’een trek.

“The true meaning of revolution is never take over of government, but change of attitude. Revolution means people taking on a new attitude and focus, therefore revolution does not necessarily mean using force. Looking at the revolution of Imam Husain, it was the triumph of blood over sword”, His Eminence further explained.

Sheikh Zakzaky said, Ashura is a thorn in the flesh of enemies, this is why they are all out against, adding that there a belief that eradication of remembrance of Karbala will allow the killing of Islam. "This is why you see them here out with all their might to wipe out the remembrance of Ashura and the Arba’een".

He pointed out that, Nigerian military are now trained to kill Shi’ites in the name of fighting terrorists, adding that this had been going on for long in their barracks. “That is all they have got and know- to kill with gun. Who wants to take over this kind of (transient) government that even fishermen and fools can take over?”


During the 20th Muharram Majlis, Sheikh Zakzaky said the death toll as a result of the Ashura attack in Potiskum has now reached 30, with the recent additional death a teenager whose bowels was cut out by bullets.

He said, most of the injured have been discharged following miraculous quick recovery.

According to Sheikh Zakzaky, the latest report from Potiskum is that, the security operatives are advising prominent people to leave the town, saying they might be planning major offensive on the town.

Prior to this development, he said, the soldiers went round the town distancing themselves from the attack, calling on people not to see them as their enemies. “They are touched by people’s prayer against them, and that was why they decided to plead with the people”.

His Eminence said what is happening in Nigeria is unprecedented, whereby the government sees its citizens as enemies and directly kills them using the government’s security apparatus. “In Iraq and Syria, those engaged in the killings are recruited from outside, but here in Nigeria it is the government directly killing its citizens. This is amazing!”

He further stated that, Nigerian military claimed that it is fighting terrorists, when in the actual sense it is engaging in onslaught and offensive. “What we know of a war is an engagement between two equal parties in strength. What we have here is a situation whereby the military lay siege and kill innocent and unarmed citizens with no justifiable cause”.

Sheikh Zakzaky therefore, through fervent supplication, invoked Allah’s wrath on those killing innocent souls. “Let Allah kill them before our eyes, may He make them as an example for posterity. May Allah hasten vengeance on the innocent souls killed and maimed”.